Will I still have a job after lockdown?

The lockdown has devastated many people’s daily lives and continues to do so. A lot of people are left with questions and uncertainties. Questions that you desperately need answers too.

Questions that needs answers like “will I still have a job after lockdown? Will the lockdown ever end? Will life ever be the same again?” These are no easy questions to ask and answer but let’s look if we can at least shed light on one of them. Will I still have a job after lockdown?

Remote Workers

It’s hard seeing the positive when you’re in the situation until it has passed. But this lockdown has had some positive in the work environment in South Africa. In the whole world actually. Employers were forced to let their staff work from home and that reduced the company’s carbon footprint and you as an employee could save more during the lockdown. 

That is if you could continue working. You had fewer expenses and could get by with less unless you were a minimalist before lockdown. You had more time to spend with family as you no longer had to travel to and from work. Before Covid19, remote work was not as widely accepted. 

Non-Remote Workers

If your job required you to be on-site then this lockdown meant you have more time on your hands now. With each person’s situation being different there are still common positives to the lockdown that should not be taken for granted. Positives like you can take the extra time to reflect on your life, situations, and choices. You can work on improving your skills and knowledge.

If you worked for a commission then this lockdown could have meant that you had no income during the lockdown period. A solution to this would be contract remote work on sites like Freelancer or Upwork. That gives you the option of doing short term contracts that pay upon completion of contract. But the big question is will I still have a job after lockdown?

Job After Lockdown

Many have already lost their jobs as the global unemployment rate has skyrocketed. If you will have a job after lockdown depends on a number of factors. Let’s look at what these factors are:


Some industries are thriving during this lockdown. Industries like internet providers, raw food suppliers, grocery stores, IT-related companies, etc. If you weren’t working in any of those industries then it is possible that the company you worked for might struggle to get back on its feet.

Contract Type

If you were hired as a casual, part-time worker, contract worker, or seasonal worker your contract might have already ended. The only way to know for sure is to contact your employer and find out what the situation is.


With South Africa being downgraded to junk status and the past 2 months lockdown, the country has suffered economically. Many businesses are struggling to pay their staff due to Covid19 but the above mentioned is straining an already strained economy. Without help, many businesses won’t be able to afford to continue with their operations.

Position Level

Employees will return to work based on position importance. If you were in a position that the company requires, like production, marketing, finance, etc, then you could be returning to work sooner than you think. 

A person sitting inform of his computer wondering will I still have a job after lockdown

You Health

If you are older than 60 years old or have any pre-existing condition you won’t be allowed back to work. This will be for your own safety and will only change when the threat has passed. So it won’t be forever. You could always take early retirement. 

Industries Heaviest Affected by Lockdown

Some industries have been affected more than others. That was unavoidable. The full scope of the most affected industries will only be made clearer later when things return to some form of normality. As of now, this is the most affect industries:

  • Education
  • Construction
  • Transport and Manufacturing
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Entertainment
  • Textile

Most businesses in those industries have been closed during the lockdown and that meant no income but some expenses continued. Some of those industries won’t recover immediately either as more people are wary of where they spend their money. Let’s all help local businesses by buying locally produced goods. That could save a job.

What now?

If you are unsure about your future it might be time to make some changes. The simplest way of making a change is to start doing a course and upgrade your skills. This improves your chance of having a job after lockdown plus the added bonus of bettering yourself. So what type of course should you take to increase your chances of having a job? You can check out the Best Way to Gain new Skills or Correspondence Courses.

You can choose between the top 3 courses we offer:

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Or check out our short courses.

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Last Updated: 2 December 2021