What Matric Subjects Should I Choose

Wondering ‘What Matric Subjects Should I Choose’? Well we’ve got some tips you can use to make this life-changing decision easier. Study with us and get your matric.

So you’re considering doing your matric. It’s one of the best decisions you can make to further your studies and advance your career. Knowing which subjects to choose could make or break your education. There are a few things to keep in mind when asking yourself What Matric Subjects Should I Choose. 

Subject Choices for Matric

When choosing your matric subjects, you can’t just choose any subject you like. There are guidelines you need to follow when making your decision. These are:

Compulsory Subjects

As part of your 7 subjects, you will need to have three compulsory subjects. These guidelines have been set by the Department of Basic Education.

  • Home language (an official South African language)
  • First Additional Language (an official South African language)
  • Maths or Maths Literacy
  • Life Orientation

Optional Subjects

You have a bit more flexibility when choosing your optional subjects, yet is it best to choose subjects in the same category. These subjects compliment each other and fall into the same field.

Optional Subjects


  • Business Studies

  • Economics

  • Accounting

Life Science

  • Biology

  • Physics

  • Computer Application Technology (CAT)

Travel and Tourism

  • Hospitality Studies

  • Tourism

Social Science

  • History 

  • Geography

How to Choose Matric Subjects

So you want to achieve your matric certificate and further your studies? Great choice! The world is your oyster, and filled with so many possibilities. All of which await you after you complete matric. There are however, a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing your matric subjects.

Keep Your Future Career in Mind

Your subject choices should tie in with the career you want to pursue. You will learn the fundamental aspects of your career in your subjects. So if you want to pursue a career in finance, choosing economics and accounting will be great subject choices.

Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses

We all want to achieve greatness, and have things in life we aspire to have and be. But this does not mean choosing subjects you know you won’t be able to master. Consider your strengths, and what your skills are. This will guarantee success.

Redo Subjects if you can

If you wanna have another shot at the same subjects, you are more than capable of doing so. This is a great option, as you still have some knowledge of the subjects you have done. If you failed a subject, or got low marks for it, don’t let it hinder you from pursuing it again.

Research Past Question Paper

If you’re still unsure on what to pick, go through past exam papers. This will give you some insight of what to expect, what questions are asked and its structure. If it appeals to you, and they are assessing you on skills you wish to have, go for it!

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Why Matric is Important

Most of us have seen it before, when applying for a job or to study further. A lot of institutions and employers require people to have matric. It is extremely important to your education and career. Reasons why matric is important are:

Stand a better chance of getting a job – When you have matric, you get first pick over those who did not. Stand out from the crowd when recruiters are employing people.

Boosts your confidence – Having matric is a great achievement in one’s life. It boosts your confidence and makes you feel positive about where you are heading to in life.

More further study options – When you pass matric, you have more course options available to you. You’ll also have more choices when deciding where to study further. The level in which you pass your matric is the deciding factor in your education. These levels are:

Get Your Matric Via Distance Learning

Interested in getting your matric via distance learning? This is a great option. You can get your matric from the comfort of your home, meaning you can work and study at the same time. We offer a great programme if you never got the chance to complete your matric.

Adult Matric

Back in the day, matric wasn’t a necessity. All you needed was to have a grade 10 certificate to enter the workforce. Nowadays, your matric is the starting point to a successful career. Our Adult Matric programme was specifically created to help those who never reached grade 12 or failed matric. It gives you the opportunity to complete matric in an easy, affordable way.

To enrol for our Adult Matric programme, you need to be:

  • 21 and older
  • Able to read, write and understand English

If you have your matric certificate, but would like to improve it, you can enrol to our Matric Upgrade programme. Choose your subjects you want to redo and get started.

Benefits of getting your matric via distance learning:

  • No night school, study any time you want
  • You can change your matric subjects within a month at no extra cost
  • Course Material couriered or emailed to you
  • Tutors committed to helping you succeed
  • Online study groups offering help and support

Choose a College That Cares When Choosing Your Subjects

No need to worry what subjects to choose. Our consultants and tutors will help make your choices easier. Contact us today on how to get started. You can:

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27
  • Fill in our contact form for a call back
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