Distance Learning Matric

Are you wanting to get your matric but need to earn an income? What most people don’t know is distance learning provides you with options and opportunities. But can you do distance learning matric?

Can you do Distance Learning Matric in South Africa?

Yes, you can. Now you can study to get your matric via distance learning. This is more affordable and less time consuming than night school. You can do your matric in the comfort of your own home and work at your own pace. 

Where can I study matric for adults?

Technically speaking there are many institutions where you can get your matric certificate but very few that offer distance learning. Matric College is one of the few if not the only distance learning college out there currently. Want to know how you can get your matric certificate via distance learning? Keep reading.

How can I get my matric via distance learning?

There are two requirements to qualify for a matric course via distance learning. You must have a grade 9 certificate and be older than the age of 21. If you meet that requirement you start your registration process by following these easy steps.

Register for Adult Matric

You can register by completing a form on their website or contacting them. During the registration, you choose your subjects.


Then you wait for your delivery which takes 1 week to arrive. No need to buy any additional books.


We have a group of subject professionals to help you prepare for the upcoming exam.


Then it’s time to take the exam. We assist you with exam registration and you’ll see all your hard work and dedication pay off.

Is the Distance Learning Matric Certificate Valid?

Yes, it is. The exam we assist you to register for is The Independent Examination Board (IEB) National Certification Exams. What that means is you write a national exam and upon passing the exam you receive a National Certificate.

Study Without Matric

Skills Academy offers professional courses that doesn’t require a matric certificate. We even have accredited courses that doesn’t require you have a matric. So what are the courses you can sign up for?

Head on over to our courses to see all the requirements and course information.

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Last Updated: 21 June 2022



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