Staying Motivated to Study During the Holidays

“Tis the season to reach your study goals! Staying Motivated to Study During the Holidays does not need to give you a headache. Follow our easy tips and tricks to reach your goals.

Deck the halls and hang the mistletoe: It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Finally, you get to sit back, relax and enjoy the magic in the air. But, oh no! You still have coursework to complete. Avoid the nightmare before Christmas and apply these tips for Staying Motivated to Study During the Holidays. 

Tips to Stay Motivated to Study During the Holidays

Finding time to study when everyone gets to enjoy the holiday sun is hard. With the right tools you can make time to meet your study goals and enjoy yourself too. All it takes is a little bit of time management. 

Check Your Course Timeline

Before going out to enjoy your holidays, first check out your course timeline. Knowing which dates are important will give you a sense of what needs to be completed and when.  

Study With Friends

Studying during the Holidays does not need to be a lonely affair. Invite your friends over and hit the books. Once you’re done you can hang out and catch up! 

Do a Little bit Each Day

Slow and steady wins the race. Tackle a little bit of work each day for an hour or two. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed with a chunk of work. 

Study in the Mornings

Try to continue waking up early during the holidays. You can dedicate your mornings to studying. Once you’re done you can head to the beach with friends to watch the sunset. 

Remind Yourself of Your Long-Term Goals

There’s a reason you signed up for that course. Remember that! Write down your long-term goals and place them where you can see them everyday. 

Enjoy Your Weekends

If you work hard during the week, you can give yourself time off on the weekends. Dedicate this time to resting, working out and having fun. 

Should you Study During Holidays?

Studying during the holidays may seem like a crazy idea. But, getting ahead with your work during this time is pretty smart. If you’re writing exams early next year, like some of our Adult Matric students, you’ll be able to prepare yourself without any pressure. You’ll also be way ahead of the other students. This gives you the chance to start the new year with ease. 

A young woman sitting in the park doing her coursework. Staying Motivated to Study During the Holidays does not need to give you a headache. Simply study away from your house and get some fresh air!

Holiday Study Routine 

What makes a holiday study routine different from any other study routine? The same rules apply, you’ll just have to be a lot more dedicated and strict with yourself. There are tons of distractions around. Make sure you don’t get tempted.

Figure out Your Overall Schedule

Check in with your family to see if any special trips or occasions are being planned. Also find out if you will have to babysit or take on any other responsibilities. 

Determine What You’re Studying Everyday

Once you’ve figured out how much time you have, you can then start allocating a subject to each day. This will make your studying more focused. 

Make Sure Your Breaks are Breaks

You should be giving yourself regular breaks between studying. When you’re on your breaks, don’t do any work. Relax and reward yourself. 

Eat Properly and Exercise

The best thing about the holiday? Food! Your brain functions best when it is well-fed and exercised. Try to maintain a healthy diet.  


Movie nights and drinks at the Waterfront all sound great, but make sure you’re resting well during this time. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. 

We know staying motivated to study during the holidays is tough, but if you apply these study tips you will get to the other side unscathed. 

Holiday Study Timetable Template

Setting up a study schedule is important for surviving the festive season. When creating your timetable, be realistic and include time where you can take breaks. Below is a template that you can use. Leave out the weekends on your schedule too. This way you’ll still feel like you get to enjoy your time off. 

Timetable Template









08:00 – 09:00


Study Session



Study Session 

Study Session

Study Session

Study Session

Study Session




Study Session



Study Session


Study Session




Study Session

Study Session



Study Session




Studying for Exams During the Holidays

Some students have exams scheduled for early the following year. The ICB for example has dates schedules all year round. Prepare for your exams with the tips listed below:

Make a to-do List – It’s not just Santa that needs to check off his list. So do you. Write out all the things you need to take care of this holiday season and stick to it.

Have a Break – For every hour you spend studying, have a 15-20 minute break to give yourself a reboot. This way you won’t feel as tired. 

Organise Yourself – It may sound like such a buzzkill, but you must manage your time well this holiday. Especially if you have important study goals to achieve. 

Get out the House – If you have a large family, then chances are your house is full during the holidays. Study at a park or the library. Taking in the scenery is always a good idea. 

Will you be naughty or nice this holiday season? Focus on your studies and you’ll get to celebrate all year long. Let’s take a sleigh ride all the way to success. 

“Tis the Season to Focus on Your Study Goals!

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Last Updated: 6 June 2022