Microsoft Office: Basic Skills Towards a Successful Career

Show employers that you have the skills to be a valuable asset with your MS office skills. Microsoft Office: Basic skills towards a successful career.

Often seen as a basic skill to have, Microsoft Office offers much more than that. We all have to start somewhere. And for many of us, it was the starting point to our world of documents and data capturing. Find out more about Microsoft Office: The basic skill towards a successful career.

What is Microsoft Office?

Imagine having a group of applications available to help you perform your tasks in the workplace. Well that’s exactly what Microsoft Office Suite is. Each of these applications have a very distinct function, and when put together, will allow you to perform a variety of duties. 

Applications in MS Office Suite includes:

Word – The most popular Microsoft Office (MS) Office tool worldwide. MS Word helps you type out and save documents. You can also include tables, graphs and images.

Excel – MS Excel allows you to create spreadsheets to depict a variety of purposes. It is widely used to display data in an easy way.

PowerPoint – This tool allows you to create powerpoint presentations for a range of functions and events. It has a variety of templates you can use to create your own presentations.

Outlook – MS Outlook has many uses. Some of these include sending emails to communicate with colleagues and setting up schedules.  

OneNote – This tool allows you to take notes, whether they are audio recording or typed out. This is a great tool to have on your smartphone when making notes on-the-go.

OneDrive – MS OneDrive makes it easier to store your documents. Sync your files on different devices and access them later without a hitch.

Windows logo on a desktop computer. Microsoft Office: Basic Skills Towards a Successful Career.

How Microsoft Office Suite Can Help Your Career

Wondering how MS Office can help your career? Well it is much more than just a tool to help you with files. It can help you complete your daily duties with ease. Below are some of the many benefits of MS Office.  

Easy to Use

Imagine having a resource so easy to use, it makes performing your duties a piece of cake. That’s exactly what MS Office is. Its user interface is easy to use across all platforms.

Essential Office Resource

No matter what office you find yourself in, you will need MS Office Suite. It’s installed on most computers at work and recruiters often look for employers who can work their way around it.

Helps You Perform Basic Tasks

There is a reason why so many people add it as a skill to their cover letter. It helps you keep track of your work, set up reports, and can be used to communicate with your colleagues.

Level Up Your CV With Microsoft Skills

Adding MS Office to your CV might seem basic, but it is quite appealing to recruiters. If you complete a MS Office test on Linkedin, you can even get a badge and add it to your profile.

Office Skills Even if you Don’t Have Experience

Finding a job without experience and qualifications can be difficult. But you can teach yourself how to master it. Once you’ve done that, add it to your CV as a starting point.

Desktop Computer and a keyboard with neon lights on a table. Microsoft Office: Basic Skills Towards a Successful Career.

How to Boost Your Microsoft Office Skills

Want to up you MS Office Skills? If yes, then it’s one of the best career decisions you can make and we’re here to help. Follow our guidelines below and get started.

Practice Makes Perfect

Most of us have MS Office installed on our devices, from smartphones to desktops. Use it to your disposal by playing around with it, like creating a daily schedule or a CV. This allows you to familiarise yourself with its basic functions.

Study a Course

If you want to take your MS Office skills a step further, why not study a course? We offer Microsoft Office Specialist Courses you can study from the comfort of your home via distance learning.

Microsoft Courses we Offer

Make you Mark With Microsoft Office Courses

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022