How to get an Internship

Getting an internship is one of the best things you can do for your career. Not only does it help you gain valuable work experience, it also teaches you about the industry you’re working in.

Internships are a great way to start a career. You can learn a variety of skills and it holds many benefits. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade of your chosen industry. Learn How to Get an Internship and start a successful career.

What is an Internship?

An internship is an opportunity to gain valuable workplace experience for a specific period of time. It can be anywhere between 3 months and 1 year. Wondering how your internship gets funded? Employers are registered with a SETA related to their industry. Your programme gets funded by the skills levy paid to the SETA. 

Will I get Paid During an Internship?

This depends on the employer and SETA. There are paid and unpaid internships available in all industries. But don’t get turned off by an unpaid internship. It may seem like a setback now, but it will be worth it in the end. The skills learnt will last you a lifetime. 

Recruiter interviewing two candidates at a job interview for an internship. Learn How to Get an Internship right here.

How to get an Internship

Think the opportunity of getting an internship only comes once in a while? Think again! There are a wide variety of internships available for most industries. If you’re struggling to get the opportunity your career needs, use our guidelines below on how to get an internship.  

Network to Success

Knowing the right people could help you land your internship and job interview. And don’t be afraid to ask around. Your friends and family might know someone looking for an intern.

Search for Opportunities Online

Have millions of jobs available to you at a click of a button. This is one of the best ways to get an internship, as you can scroll through job posts and make your pick.

Sign up to Job Sites

Instead of finding employers, sign up at job sites and have them looking for you. Once you are signed up, upload your CV. Your CV will then be matched to the best possible jobs. 

Check out the Website of Your Dream Company

If you have your eye on a company, why not check out their website? They might be looking for interns. You can even sign up to their newsletter or get alerts on your email account.

Attend Career Expos

Career Expos are a great way to speak to experts and network yourself to an internship. You will have a wide variety of companies at your disposal, giving you insight on the career you want.

Get Social

Social media aren’t just great for posting memories and watching videos. Many companies post their latest jobs on their platforms. Like their posts and get up-to-date on their jobs available.

Candidate sitting at a table at a job interview. Use our guidelines on How to Get an Internship and become the top pick today.

Importance of an Internship

There are many benefits of getting an internship. It is a great opportunity to gain industry-related skills that will help you progress in your career. Other benefits of an internship includes:

First Step Into Your Career – If you’re not sure where to begin, getting an internship is a great start to your career. 

Gain Experience – You don’t need to have experience to get an internship, but it is an excellent place to gain experience.

First Job for Many Graduates – Internships are the saving grace for many graduates, as it is the first job many of them have.

Mentorship – Have a senior member take you under their wing as interns are commonly assigned mentors during their programme.

Determine Your Career Path – If you’re not sure which career path to follow, an internship will give you some much needed insight.

Work on Your Workplaces Skills – If you’ve never had a job before, an internship will give you the workplace skills you need to complete daily tasks. 

Get Insight on Learnerships and Apprenticeships

So you know you want to get an internship. But before you settle on a programme, it’s good to know what other options are available to you. Besides an internship, you also get an apprenticeship and learnership. Learn more about them below.


If you’re an employee at a company, you can get a learnership. This will allow you to work and get a qualification that will advance your career. They usually last around a year to complete.


Work alongside a skilled apprenticeship during your apprenticeship programme. They teach you trade specific skills and could last around 3-4 years.

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Set Sail on Your Career With an Internship

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Last Updated: 6 December 2021