Want to get a job in Human Resources? Taking up a job as a Recruiter will bring you great job satisfaction. This job would allow you to help people get their dream job.

Job Responsibilities

Recruiters send out job vancancies with the specific requirements needed to fulfill the job. Thereafter, they will select the candidates that meet these requirements and invite them for an interview.

Recruiters will setup questions that will be asked during the interview. Where necessary, they will have tests prepared to decide whether the candidate is suitable for the position.

Along with the manager of the department the new recruiter is in, the new recruit will be trained, not only the tasks he will need to fulfill at work, but also company protocols and rules.

From CVs and cover letters, to worker manuals and contracts, the recruiter will need to handle various paperwork of the staff.

What to Study

Human Resource Management: Comprehensive Course Certificate

The Comprehensive Certificate in Human Resource Management is our most advanced course in Human Resource Management. This course gives you an in-depth look at the field.
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Human Resource Management: Certificate Course

Human Resource Management professionals deal with every aspect of an employee’s time at a company. This Certificate course gives you a more advanced level of skill.
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Human Resource Management: Short Course

Human Resource Management (HRM) deals with managing the employees of a company. It is also responsible for the hiring, training and assessment of staff.
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What is the Role of a Recruiter?

A recruitor with a potential employee in an officeRecruiters are the ones companies rely on when they are looking for people to employ. You can say that they source talent. They go through a list of suitable candidates and match them with a suitable job. A lot goes into what they do.

Recruiters schedule meetings, prepare interviews, help with resumes and cover letters, salary negotiations and more. These individuals can find employment at staffing agencies, and they can also work internally with a client.

How to Become a Recruiter

Interested in this exciting role? Here’s all you need to do to secure the job of your dreams. Not everyone may take the same path to achieve their goals, but you can use this as a guideline to get there. 

Get a Qualification 

Getting a qualification would be your first step to achieving your dreams. This will give you a great insight on what you can expect from your career as a Recruiter, and help you build up skills. There’s no specific requirement you need to follow this career, but a certificate or diploma can give you an advantage.  If you’re interested in this career field, have a look at our distance learning Human Resource Management Courses.

Gain Experience

To get a better understanding of what the role is, you will need to gain more experience. Put in the hours and learn more about the role. That includes doing research and getting experience in any HR-related field. The skills and knowledge you will gain will be beneficial to your career in the long-term. 

Apply for the job of Your Dreams

After you’ve received your qualification and gained experience, this should be your next step. Look at the other requirements needed for the job and make sure you have them before you apply. A good resource will be to look at job listings and find out what agencies are looking for.

Characteristics of a Recruiter

Do you want to know what it takes to be a Recruiter and what skills you need to do the job? Here’s a list of skills you need that will make your job a lot easier. Don’t have any of these skills? Now would be a good time to start working on them before landing that job.

Communication Skills

You will need excellent communication skills to do this job. Recruiters need to have the ability to make those around them feel comfortable and should be attentive listeners. A large part of their role will consist of communicating with clients, colleagues as well as potential candidates. 

Multi-Tasking Skills

Recruiters need to communicate with multiple candidates at once. That includes contacting them via email or telephone, and keep track of the applications they’re already received. They need to set up interviews and keep track of where different candidates are with regards to the hiring process.


There’s no room for self-doubt in the recruiting industry. It is important that you believe in yourself and in every decision you make. If you’re confident, you will make a good impression on clients, recruiters and your hiring candidates. 

Benefits of Becoming a Recruiter

If you’re an outgoing person who loves meeting new people and has an eye for talent, then this is the job for you. The job of a recruiter is a highly rewarding one. You will get to meet talented individuals and change their lives for the better. 

Help People 

As a recruiter you will help hundreds of candidates find the job of their dreams. This includes connecting candidates finding their first jobs, or one where they are valued and can finally experience growth. You will be responsible for helping others improve their lives.

Build a Professional Network

You will meet impressive people during your time as a recruiter. That includes meeting one-of-a-kind candidates, and professionals from all industries. Each person you meet is an industry professional you can add to your network. Grow your network.

Help Shape Companies

The recruitment process is not easy and companies struggle to find candidates that match their company values. You as recruiter will help them find the best candidates that can grow along with the business. Because of your contribution, their company can grow and take shape.

Broaden Your Knowledge 

You will be on the search for candidates across a number of industries. Depending on the company you work for, you may even have to specialise in the industry you will search for new recruits. For example, you may have to learn more about digital marketing if you’re looking for SEO Specialists. 

A Chance to Make a Respectable Income

Recruiters earn handsome salaries. According to Indeed, the average Junior Recruiter earns about R10 300 per month. You have the potential to earn more depending on your experience, seniority and the company you work for.

Author: Cherri-Lee Rhode

Last updated: May 7, 2020