Field Of Interest: Design and Photography

Andrea Petersen

Interior Design Courses

What better way to express your creativity than with Interior Design Courses? You’ll get to make people’s spaces beautiful, as well as functional. There’s also the possibility of working for yourself, of course!

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Interior Decorating Courses

Master the art of creating stunning spaces with our Interior Decorating Courses. Turn your love for decor and creativity into a successful career with us.

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Interior Design: Comprehensive Course

Interior Design Comprehensive Course combines the creative process of addressing the aesthetics of a space with understanding of the building itself. Sign up with us and start your career.

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Google Sketch-Up Short Course

This course will teach students how to use Google Sketch-Up to develop computer-aided 3-D representations of their designs, which would make them more competitive in the industry

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Interior Design: Short Course

The Decor and Design industry is a very exciting and ever changing field that offers countless opportunities for people with creative and technical abilities.

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