Why Choose an Accredited Course

Why Choose an Accredited Course? This article aims to show you the benefits of Accredited Courses and why you should enrol in one. Find out what distance learning accredited courses you can do right here.

What are Accredited Courses? 

Accredited courses are courses that meet the standard of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). It also means that your course is recognised by a professional body such as the South African Qualifications Authority. So why choose an accredited course? Find out right here. 

Why Choose an Accredited Course

To answer your question, accredited courses can increase your credibility. An accredited course also increases your chances of being hired for a job. Accredited course qualifications are highly recognised by employers. 

Benefits of Accredited Courses 

Accredited courses can be helpful for your career. There are several benefits to getting accredited training and education. Some of which include having a professional qualification and earning skills and knowledge of a high quality. 

Accredited Qualification 

Once you complete your courses, you will receive your certificate of compilation. An accredited qualification is recognised by other institutions. So if you apply to further your studies at another institution, you can.

More Employable 

Now don’t get mistaken, you can still get a job without an accredited course. However having an accredited course on your CV will make you more employable. This is because employers will recognise your course and see that you have a high level of credibility.

Higher Earning Potential

An accredited course will help you get a job that will put you in a higher earning bracket. Keep in mind that you will be working at an entry level once you start your job. Your earning potential also depends on your skill level. 

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Where to Find Accredited Courses

You can find accredited courses at accredited institutions. There are a variety of higher level institutions that you can choose from. Skills Academy is one of these higher learning institutions.  All you need to choose the perfect institution for your studies, is to know what you want from your institution. Here is a small check list of what a good institution should have: 

  • Be accredited 
  • Have a variety of courses 
  • Offer student support 
  • Easy payment methods  
  • Make studying more convenient  

Accredited Courses at Skills Academy

That’s right, you can find accredited courses right here at Skills Academy. Before going into what accredited courses we offer, find out a little more about who we are. We are an accredited distance learning institution. 

Distance learning 

This means that you don’t attend traditional classroom classes. All learning and studying are done from the comfort of your home. We deliver all study materials so that you don’t have to go hunting for textbooks. As our student you will also have access to online study groups and tutors. 

Professional Bodies

Our accredited courses have all been accredited by different professional bodies. Each of these accredited bodies provide accreditation for specific kinds of courses. This includes business courses, financial courses, educare courses and much more. 

Start Your Accredited Courses, Today!

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022