Tips on How to Network

Are you trying to take your career to the next level? We can help you gain some useful Tips on How to Network. Don’t be nervous, our tips will give you the confice you need.

Having Tips on How to Network in your back pocket can be a secret weapon when job hunting. If you don’t know how to start networking, it can be really intimidating and scary. Luckily for you we have tips for beginners so you’ll know how to approach every networking situation. 

Is Networking the Best way to Find a job?

Waiting on an email for feedback on a job application can become discouraging and stressful. Networking is one of the best ways to find a job because it is a more hands on approach. This means that instead of waiting on feedback, you get it instantly. 

Benefits of Networking

Trust the process! You may have heard that many times before, but when it comes to networking its key. Believing in the process will also unlock the benefits you get to enjoy because of networking. Take a look at just a few of the benefits you have access to once you get have this skill.  

  • Business Connections
  • Fresh Ideas
  • Advance Your Career
  • Build Confidence

Networking Tips for Beginners 

Networking is similar to meeting new people. At first you’re hesitant and shy because you don’t know how to start the conversation or how to approach someone. But what if you had tips that could guide you every step of the way? It’s a total game changer, in fact it’s a total career changer. 

Be Polite

First impressions last a lifetime, so always make a good one. Start with a simple yet professional greeting. Be aware of your body language because it also contributes to your first impression. 

Have Patience 

You might not hit a home run the first time around but that doesn’t mean you won’t. Once you have done your part all you can do is have patience and wait. Don’t badger recruiters or employers. 

Don’t be Afraid 

Fear can only hold you back and you want to move forward. So push it aside and take a step into uncharted territory. You might not get the results you want but you’ll leave with a lesson.

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How to Network at an Event

Arriving alone to a packed networking event can send your confidence and charisma running for the hills. With everyone already engaged in conversations, you might struggle to find a starting point. Take a minute to adjust and remember you are there for a reason. Use a few of our tips to help navigate your way through an event. 

Be Yourself

Leave all personas at home and just be yourself. Networking is there to be a stepping stone to building professional relationships. So being yourself is the best way for people to get to know you. 

Set Reasonable Expectations

Going into an event with reasonable expectations can be a piece of motivation when you start to feel discouraged. Before the event jot down a few reasons as to why you’re attending the event and what you wish to achieve. 

Don’t Spread Yourself Thin

Wanting to network with as many people as possible is a good approach. But you wouldn’t want to do yourself a disservice but not giving anyone a chance to get to know you. Mingle with a few groups and stick to them. 

Be Engaged

You’ll have many conversations throughout your time at an event. So you will need to be engaged by simply making eye contact and nodding your head. These small cues showcase your interest in the conversation and the person speaking. 

Join in

If you see an interesting group of people, don’t be afraid to join in. You might be able to add a new perspective to the conversation which is always welcomed. If the topic of discussion isn’t for you then politely see yourself out. 

Tips to Help you Network Better

With beginner tips and event tips under your belt, you’ll be ready to start. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve. There is always more you can learn to better yourself and your skills. The same goes for networking. Take a look at these tips you can use even if you’re a seasoned pro at networking. 

Meet People Through Other People: Make use of your inner circle to create new ones. Allow the people you already know to introduce you to people you are interested in networking with. 

Social Media: With multiple social media platforms available, you are spoilt with networking possibilities. Use it to your advantage by interacting with contacts you would like to know better.

Use Your Resume as a Tool for Advice: Once you built a professional relationship with someone ask them to review your resume. This way you’ll get advice and know where to improve. 

Ask Open Ended Questions: Don’t just speak about yourself because then it’s not a conversation. Ask questions that require more than just a one word response. 

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How to Impress Recruiters?

Your CV and cover letter play a large role in landing an interview and impressing recruiters. A great tip would be to review your CV and make the necessary changes. You are competing against other candidates who are just as hungry for the position as you are. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are my personal details correct and up to date?
Ensure that all your personal details are up to date so employers can contact you when needed. This goes for your contact number and email address as well as your physical address. 

Do my skills meet the requirements? 
If you don’t have the skills that meet the requirements, enroll in  one of our many distance learning courses. This way you get to work and study all at the same time. With a number of courses ranging from beauty to accounting, you’ll be sure to find the one for you. 

Does my past work experience reflect my abilities? 
In the case that your past work experience doesn’t relate to the position you want try an internship first. It gives you the opportunity to get the experience you need. 

Are my qualifications listed? 
List all your academic achievements. Try to list them in order of the most recent or important. You can also list all your recreational achievements if you participated in any sports or activities where you received an award. 

Step on the Scene With Your Networking Skills 

Have these tips taken away some of your anxiety about networking? Now take the next step and get the qualifications and skills you need with us. Contact one of our course experts and start today. 

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Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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