How Effective is Distance Learning

Would you like to find out How Effective is Distance Learning? That’s great, get ready to explore all the educational and personal benefits you have with distance learning.

Are you considering distance learning? That’s great, we have everything you need to know right here. Explore the different types of distance learning, the personal and academic benefits and most of all find out How Effective is Distance Learning. 

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is a new form of learning. Unlike traditional learning, you don’t attend any physical classes. This means that you study from home and don’t go into campus at all. All studying is done on your own. Don’t worry, you do have the help of online lecturers and tutors so you aren’t alone. 

Distance Learning: Benefits and Challenges

Much like other institutions and methods of learning, there are benefits of distance learning. But do note that there are challenges as well. Don’t let the challenges discourage you though, simply find solutions. You can even contact your distance learning institution and have course experts help you. 


Distance learning offers students a variety of benefits. These benefits are both educational and economical. Sounds interesting right? With distance learning you get to enjoy the benefits of a world class education and save a few bucks as well. 

  • No Commute: No classes means there’s no reason to commute. So you save on traveling and transport costs. 
  • Learn on Your Own Schedule: You have the freedom of making your own schedule and studying at your own pace. 
  • Less Stressful: Without classes and a strict schedule, you’ll feel relaxed  and less pressured to meet standards set by your college. 
  • Teaches Time Management: You are 100% responsible for your studies, so you will learn how to manage your time.


All new experiences come with challenges that you can overcome, the same goes for distance learning. You might see these as disadvantages but remember that they are just challenges. Here at Skills Academy we help all our students with any obstacles.

  • External Distractions: Studying from home comes with many external distractions. Having discipline can ensure that you stick to your goals.

  • Technology: Technology can play a major role in distance learning. Not having the needed equipment such as a computer can make studying difficult. 

  • Feelings of Isolation: Studying alone can lead to the feeling of isolation. That’s why, joining online study groups is essential. 

  • Discipline: Without a lecturer to keep you on track you will need to have self discipline at all times.  
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Types of Distance Learning

There are just about four different methods of distance learning. Each is built on the same foundation of studying from home. The only differences between them is how you will receive your education.

Open Schedule Online Courses
If you are interested in studying independently then open schedule online courses are for you. All your work will be done via email, online textbooks and bulletin boards. With this method of distance learning you will be given deadlines. You are also allowed to work at your own pace. 

Hybrid Distance Learning
Hybrid distance learning is a combination of studying at your own pace and having to follow deadlines. This means that depending on your institution, you might have to stick to a time frame or be allowed to study at your own pace. With this method you will be taught self-discipline and independence all at one. 

Computer Based Distance Learning
Having access to a stable internet connection will be essential to this distance learning method. You attend online classes based on a set schedule. So you get to interact with other students and lecturers without physically being with them. 

Fixed Time Online Courses
With fixed time online courses you won’t have the freedom to work at your own pace. As the name indicates, you will work according to a fixed schedule. You will be required to attend mandatory course live chat and log-in to your learning site (Student portal). 

How Distance Learning Helps Students

In order to know how effective distance learning is, you should know how this learning method helps students. Having this information can help you make an informed decision on furthering your education the distance learning way.  

Offers Flexibility 

You are given more flexibility than traditional classes. Distance learning doesn’t interfere with your other responsibilities. So if you are a working student you won’t have to worry about giving up your job.

Accessible to all Students

Many traditional forms of higher education have strict entry requirements. With distance learning you can study without matric or even upgrade your matric. You won’t have to feel discouraged or disappointed in yourself.  

Encourages Ownership 

Studying alone means you will be responsible for all your own work. This will include submitting assignments, studying for tests and exams. Giving you the opportunity to take ownership of your work and studies. 

Strengthens Vital Soft Skills

Soft skills are important in every working environment. Luckily for you, distance learning strengthens these skills. So once you have completed your course you will be workplace ready and have a qualification in your field. 

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Is Distance Learning Better?

If you need flexibility, independence and an institution that has you covered 100% of the time then yes distance learning is better. Knowing if distance learning is the way to go all depends on what you need from an institution. Have a look at our policies and see if we are the institution for you. 

Course Opportunities 

With institutions like us you are spoilt with course opportunities. We offer a wide range of courses so that all students can feel included. No matter what your career goals are, Skills Academy has a distance learning course for you. There are even ICB accredited courses.

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Last Updated: 8 September 2022