How to set Goals for the New Year

Live out your dreams and make your goals a reality with us. Use our easy to follow tips on How to set Goals for the New Year. Success is within your reach.

Out with the old and in with the new. Setting New Years goals are a great way to prepare for a successful year. Learn How to set Goals for the New Year and how to stick to them. 

Top Tips on Setting Goals for the New Year

Sticking to your goals can be difficult. You curb your normal routine to do something new. But it will be worth it in the end. Reaching your goals will give you a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. Follow our top tips on setting goals for the new year.

Be Realistic

It’s great to dream big, but your goals need to be realistic. For example, if you want to be more active, that’s great. But you can’t aim to climb Mount Everest if you never hiked up a mountain in your life. The whole point of your goals is for it to be achieved. 

There’s a Time for Everything

You don’t need to achieve your goal that same year. It is a process that will benefit you in the future. Take your time, even if it takes years. While looking forward to reaching your destination, you should enjoy the journey.

Get Started With a Goal Buddy

Two is better than one. Starting a goal with a friend will make it easier to achieve. Why not join a study group, where you can encourage each other along the way of success? You need to be your own motivation, but sharing it with a friend makes the goal even sweeter.

Don’t Set Goals Based on Other’s Success

So your friend achieved their goal, and now you want to do the exact same thing. But that’s the wrong way to go about it. Your goal should be your own, and shouldn’t be measured against someone else’s success.  

Don’t Give up

Even though it’s difficult to start, it’s much easier to quit. You’ll be able to go back to your old routine again without making any changes to your life. But don’t give up. Results may take some time but you will reap its rewards. 

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Goals you can Achieve

So you want to make a change, but you don’t know where to start. One of the best ways to set goals is to decide where you want to make a positive change in your life. Thereafter, you should plan it out, allowing you to achieve it in an effective manner. 

Study Goals

The beginning of the year is a great way to start working on your study goals. Most universities and colleges are registering students to study with them. Make sure you are one of them and get your qualifications. Achieve your study goals by:

Career Goals

Everyone wants a thriving career. With hard work, determination and the right set of goals, you can climb the corporate ladder. Follow our tips and tricks, and you’ll be in your corner office in no time.

Lifestyle Goals

Most people use the new year to make resolutions about getting into shape and leading a healthy lifestyle. After all, a healthy mind goes hand-in-hand with a healthy body. After the festive holidays, you need healthy goals towards a well-balanced life, inside and out.

  • Exercise and stay hydrated by drinking a good amount of water
  • Do activities that will stimulate your mind like Sudoku or read a book 
  • Gain experience and skills while helping others as a volunteer

Finance Goals

Even though it can be difficult, there are money goals you can set for yourself. It can help put you in a secure space in life. You can even save up to help you achieve another goal. Who knows, it might even help you on a rainy day. 

  • Budget your way to effective saving
  • When studying, buy old books or make use of online PDFs
  • Sell old books, clothes and accessories to make an extra buck
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How to Stick to Your Goals

Creating goals is easy, sticking to them is a whole other story. It is, however, possible to stick to your goals and reach them without failure. Use our guidelines to help you stay disciplined on your way to the top.

Write Them Down – Writing down your goals is the first step into turning them into a reality. Put it up someplace as a constant reminder of what you want to accomplish.

Fit Your Goal Into Your Lifestyle – Make your goal a part of your life, as opposed to setting it apart from the rest of your daily duties. 

Be Positive – Don’t have an “I can’t do it” attitude. Be positive about what you want to achieve. And if you fail along the way, accept it as a lesson, not punishment.

Make it a Routine – Whether its study goals or lifestyle goals, make sure you do it 2-3 times daily. You will start forming a habit and sticking to it will become natural.

Reward Yourself – So you ran your first marathon or successfully completed your course. Even if it’s small like chocolate or a pair of shoes, reward yourself for all the hard work you put in. 

Why You Should set Goals in the New Year

Wondering why the start of the year is such a popular time to set goals, when you have a whole year to improve yourself? There are a few reasons why people choose the beginning of the year to make a change. These include:

Fresh Start

A new year means a blank canvas, an opportunity to start anew. This seems like the perfect opportunity to try new things that goes with the “new year, new you” image. 

Take Advantage of Discounts

When New Years spirits are high, prices are low, with deals like discounts on gyms membership and registrations fees. Take advantage of these opportunities to help you start your goal.

You Won’t Start Alone

Think you’ll be the only one who’ll be starting anew? Not at all. There are many people who want to join new activities or study a course. Find your peers and share the joys the new year has to offer.

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Last Updated: 6 December 2021