Get a Job With Scarce Skills

Find out how scarce skills will help you get a job. Developing your scare skills could be the golden ticket at the end of your rainbow

The scariest thing anyone will have to do is settle on a career path. All of that pressure and anxiety can sometimes become too much. Most people think that investing in university degrees and becoming lawyers, doctors and accountants are their best bet. But times are changing! Find out how scarce skills will help you get a job. Developing your scare skills could be the golden ticket at the end of your rainbow.

What are Scarce Skills?

Scarce skills are those skills that are in high demand with employees. This is because there are not enough qualified people in that profession. Developing your scarce skills will make it easier to find job opportunities or potentially get promoted in your current workplace.

You might be wondering how do scarce skills come about? It’s very simple. Scarce Skills develop when:

  • Not enough people have chosen to study towards a certain skill set.
  • Oftentimes people who are skilled leave South Africa to go work in other countries.
  •  There are too many people that study towards a sector that has enough qualified workers.
  • A company may want special experience

This means often employees can’t find the people who have the skills they require in their company. This is why it is so vital that you develop your scarce skills. Your job opportunities will increase. There is a possibility that you will be able to earn more. You will be able to progress your career and some scarce skills are needed all over the world so you might be able to work abroad.

Scarce Skills That Are in Demand

The best way to win the popularity contest in the job market is to develop your scarce skills. Here are just a few of the scarce skills that are currently in demand. You might find your perfect fit here.

Social Media

Can social media really help with finding a job? Of course! Everyone is constantly glued to their phone and strategic posting has become a big part of many businesses digital marketing plan. If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen.

Financial Skills 

What makes the world go round? Money! Businesses are always on the lookout for employees who will be able to manage their money well.

Web Developer 

All companies rely on their websites for exposure and need someone to update it regularly. As the world moves to a more digital sphere web developers are in high demand.

Management Skills

Businesses want people who can take charge, get themselves out of tricky situations and be leaders. Skills Academy offers management courses that will teach you all you need to know!


Every company wants to make money. If you have good sales skills you will be of value to any potential employer.


As long as there are people in the world there will be a demand for teachers. Not feeling the primary and high school setting? You can always opt to work in educare or even open your own creche.

Getting a job is not easy, but if you get official training in any of the scarce skills you will be of value to any company. Give yourself the edge in a very competitive workers market. Upgrade your skills today!

Get Skilled 

If you’re set on developing scarce skills here’s the game plan: study for a qualification that gives you scarce skills. This will ensure you will land a job in no time! Not sure where to study?

Skills Academy is a career and skills focused college. We offer various courses all aimed at making sure you are job ready. We have looked at the pros and cons of distance learning and provide the best possible distance learning experience. With Distance Learning you never have to leave the comfort of your own home and you will be able to work while you study. This means you can gain valuable work experience while developing your skills. There are also many courses available to you that don’t require a matric certificate. All you need is the desire to study further and be able to write and understand English.

Investing in your scarce skills could save you from unemployment. Take care of your future and study further with Skills Academy.

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Last Updated: 9 September 2022