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Best Business Management Courses Part-time

Do you want to be the best at what you do? Would you like to know about the best business management courses part-time? As a business person, you need the right skills and knowledge on how to manage your business. Skills Academy is the right place for you to learn the art and science of […]

What Exactly are Business Management Courses?

What exactly are business management courses? Business Management deals with every aspect of running a company. Everything from planning, organising and supervising the daily activities to reporting on the daily business operations. Short courses in Business Management will prepare you for various business and office-related careers.     What Does a Business Management Short Course […]

How About Doing Short Courses in Business Management?

When you are doing short courses in Business Management you are learning how to run a company. During your studies, you will learn about business administration, office management, entrepreneurship, and you will gain financial knowledge.   Business Administration  Business Administration is about looking after a business and its how it functions. When you study Business […]

What you Learn From Business Management Courses

Business management courses will teach you how to run a business successfully. In South Africa, you can study Business Management at the Home Study Group, Skills Academy and UNISA. You may study full-time or part-time through distance learning. Business Management Courses at Skills Academy  With Skills Academy you can do three different courses in Business […]

ICB Courses Pretoria

Where Can I Study ICB Courses In Pretoria? At Skills Academy, you can study a full range of ICB Courses in the comfort of your own home. We send you your study material right to your door. We have students ranging from all over South-Africa.   List Of ICB Courses You Can Study At Skills […]

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