Upgrade your Education in 2024!

Upgrade your Education in 2024!

Skills Academy is a distance learning college, which means you get to study top quality courses from the comfort of your home! Start upgrading your education today.

What courses do we offer?

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Why should you study with Skills Academy?

Flexible distance learning

Skills Academy offers top-quality courses that can be studied from the comfort of your home. You can learn at your own pace, making it ideal for those who are working full-time or have family responsibilities.

Accredited & diverse courses

Skills Academy is a fully accredited institute, offering a wide range of courses including ICB and NATED courses. Whether you're interested in tourism, bookkeeping, business management, accounting, interior design, or beauty, there's a course for you!

No Matric required

Skills Academy provides opportunities for further education even to those without Matric. This opens doors for many who wish to advance their career, switch fields or pursue higher education.

World-class support

Skills Academy guarantees industry-leading support throughout your educational journey. This includes quick resolution of study or account-related queries, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

Fast study material delivery

Study materials are delivered within 5-7 days, and the cost is included in your course fee. This efficient system ensures that you have everything you need to start learning as soon as possible.

Finish fast, pay less

If you complete your course earlier than the scheduled duration, you can stop the payments early. For example, if you finish a 12-month course in 10 months, you don't have to pay for the last two months!

Why should you upgrade your education?

Get that job or promotion

Further education opens doors to various employment and career opportunities. Some sort of qualification is usually a minimum requirement for most jobs and is a testament to your dedication and skills.

Pursue higher education

Whether you aim for a diploma, degree, or other qualifications, Matric or NATED (NQF 6) courses are often the stepping stone to further studies.

Make more money

Individuals with higher qualifications generally have higher earning potential. Investing in your education now can lead to financial stability and independence in the future.

Make your family proud

Education is highly valued in society. It not only earns you respect from peers and family but also boosts your social standing and recognition.

Give yourself a competitive edge

In a competitive job market having certain qualifications can set you apart from other candidates. It enhances your resume and makes you a more attractive candidate.

Forge a better future for your family

Securing your education offers stability, financial security, and better opportunities for your family.

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