10 Useful Websites for Students

Looking for study tools, referencing guides and help with assignments? Have a look at our list of 10 Useful Websites for Students. Your help is just one click away!

Looking for online resources to help with your next assignment, online test or just need some student advice? We hook you up with the top 10 useful websites for students. Help is just a google search away! 

Top 10 Websites for Students

College is a whole new ball game. Sometimes the adjustment from high school to college can be challenging. You need to learn new ways of researching, writing essays and referencing. It can all become a little overwhelming! But the websites listed below can help a great deal: 

  1. Quizlet 
  2. Grammarly 
  3. EFollet 
  4. Habitica 
  5. Studyblue
  6. Wikipedia 
  7. The Owl
  8. Google Drive 
  9. Wolfram Alpha
  10. Skill’s Academy Blog 
Two students using our list of 10 Useful Websites for Students for their studies.


Studying for exams can be much easier by using Quizlet. This website offers study help for all subjects. They provide you with free learning tools like flashcards, games and much more. So the night before a big test, this is your best bet!  


Impress your lecturers with your amazing grammar skills. Grammarly can be downloaded as an app on your mobile device or laptop. It corrects your spelling and is much more advanced than a typical spell check. It even suggests better words to use and has a dictionary on hand.  


Looking for ways to save on textbooks? Look no further. Efollet makes it simple to buy or rent your required study materials without any hassle. Now you don’t have to visit your local bookstores for discounts. Save money and time.  


Need some help sticking to healthy habits? Habitica has a fun approach as it makes your life a gamification. It helps you achieve your goals in an engaging way. This app tracks your progress and rewards you when you reach certain milestones. 


Much like Quizlet, this website also offers study resources. Prepare for your exams with online flashcards, resources for organising class notes and much more. You can even share your study material with students across the globe. 

A student sitting with her laptop using our list of 10 Useful Websites for Students.


Wikipedia is not always the best source of accurate information. But, it still deserves a mention. This site is great for doing initial research on your assignments. It gets you familiar with basic facts that you can build on. 

The Owl

One thing that may get you down in college? Referencing! Some courses will want you to use Harvard referencing, others MLA and some APA. Luckily, The Owl assists with that. They have tons of information on citing and the different methods you can use. 

Google Drive

If you have a Gmail account then you probably already make use of Google Drive. But for those who are not, Google Drive is a free service that allows you to create, store and access files from anywhere. You’ll never have to worry about saving a paper and then losing it.  

Wolfram Alpha

Need some help with your math equations? This site is perfect for that. It allows you to do the calculations of math, science, engineering and more. It has an endless supply of information, data and facts to get you through your classes. 

Skill’s Academy Blog

College is not just about assignments and attending class. You also need help outside of class. Our blog is a great resource for students in and outside the classroom. Find essay writing tips, career guidance, how to revise and even financial planning tips on our site. 

The Internet is Always There to Help and so are we!

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Last Updated: February 8, 2021


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