How to Write an Essay

Do you get overwhelmed when it comes to essay writing? Our tips on How to Write an Essay will give you the confidence you need. Find out everything you need right here.

Essay writing is an essential part of any academic writing.That’s why knowing the basics is a must. Here you can find out How to Write an Essay from start to finish. Don’t worry, these tips can help even if you have writer’s block. 

Essay Formats 

Every essay follows the three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion. This format will keep your thoughts and writing organised. Understanding the importance of each part, you will be able to write your essays much more effectively. 


Your first paragraph is called your introduction. This is where you introduce your audience to your topic and capture their attention. You can hook your readers with a quote, question or analogy. A good introduction gives your reader an idea of the main concept of your essay. 

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement comes right before the body of your essay. Your thesis statement carries the main idea of your essay. It works as a roadmap to your entire essay by showing your readers what the main points are. 


Your body supports each main idea of your thesis statement in separate paragraphs. Depending on the assignment, you can support your paragraphs with research and experiences to support your arguments. 


Everything is brought together in your conclusion. It refers back to your thesis statement and gives your reader your final thoughts. Remember not to introduce new topics or ideas in your conclusions. 

Creating an Outline for an Essay 

Much like a format, an essay outline gives you structure and guidance while writing. Don’t worry. Your outline isn’t a rough draft of your essay but summarise the content you want in your essay. Knowing how to create an outline is an essential skill to have. 

Understand the Assignment: Read and highlight the important points in your assignment briefly. This will ensure that you do your research according. If you need any clarity, don’t feel scared to ask for help. 

Brainstorm Ideas: Seeing your ideas on paper is easier than having them all in your head. By having your ideas written out you are able to formulate your ideas and remove what you don’t find useful. 

Identify Your Audience: Who will read your essay? Why would they read your essay? These are good questions to ask yourself to help identify your audience. It will also help you identify what their needs are as readers.

Develop Your Thesis: With your ideas down, you can move on to writing a thesis. Your thesis shouldn’t be longer than a few sentences. 

Writing an Introduction 

The introduction of your essay is probably the most important part of the entire essay. It sets the tone and captures your audience. So, spend time working on your first sentence. In your introduction, you can give your audience some background information but remember not to reveal too much. When you’re done have another look at it and then continue on to the rest of your essay. 

Steps to Writing an Essay 

Knowing the format of your essay doesn’t necessarily mean you know where to start. That’s why there are steps to writing an essay that you can follow. These steps can be helpful regardless of the type of essay you plan to write. 


You prepare for your essay by understanding your assignment, knowing what you wish to achieve with your essay and by gathering all your research needed. 


Writing can be intimidating at times especially if it’s not something that comes naturally. But start with your statement then move on to unpacking all those main pains. 


Editing and revising is an essential part to writing. Once you feel that you have completed your essay, go over it again. Look at your grammar, spelling and content. 

A student using our tips on How to Write an Essay, working on her essay.

Do’s and Don’t in Essay Writing 

Writing allows you to express yourself. But there are a few things you shouldn’t do. Having knowledge on the don’ts in essay writing is a great tool to have in your toolbox. 

  • Don’t use quotes without introducing them first 
  • Alway have references 
  • Don’t move from the focus 
  • Always answer the questions or respond to your topic

Improving Your Essay Writing Skills 

Essay writing might not be what you want to do forever but if you’re still in school or studying it’s a must. Don’t be scared of it though, instead improve your essay writing skills. You can do this by reading other peoples essays and building on your vocabulary. 

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Last Updated: 1 December 2020