Security Risk Management: Certificate Course Breakdown

The Security Risk Management: Certificate Course Breakdown gives you all the important details you wanted to know about the course. Find entry requirements and more here.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Want to know what you will learn when enroled for the Security Risk Management: Certificate Course? Here’s all you need to know about each subject:

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English Learn about the different ways to communicate, as well as reading, writing and speaking skills. This subject also teaches you about what to expect from a workplace environment.
Report Writing Learn how to use writing skills for specific purposes, audiences and contexts, how to access, process, re-organise, and synthesise information in order to present it. Also learn how to draft and edit texts.
Introduction to Risk Management Get an introduction to risk management and learn how to understand the terms used in this industry. You will become well versed with operational risk factors and integrated risk management frameworks, as well as risk communication.
Approaches to Risk Management Learn about the fundamentals of enterprise risk management, as well as how and why firms implement ERM systems. You will also learn about the types of risk management needs a team approach, as well as normal approaches organisations use and second-generation approaches.
Operational Risk Management This subject teaches you all about the concepts of operational risk identification and methods of risk identification. Gain knowledge in topics such as the procedure for risk identification, steps in the establishment of the function and the ERM framework, and more.
Introduction to Risk Management Module B Learn about operational risk factors, the integrated risk management framework, and get an introduction to risk communication as well as crisis communication. This subject will make you knowledgeable with the terms regarding risk management.
Operational Risk Management Module B Build on the knowledge and skills you learnt in the previous module. This subject also teaches you the steps in the establishment of the function and the ERM framework. Once completed, you will have a good understanding of operational risk management.

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