Project Management Comprehensive Course Breakdown

Project Management Comprehensive Course Breakdown, explains all vital details you need to know about when signing you to do this course.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Would you like to know what you will learn in this course? Below you will find a list of the subjects you will be doing. 

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English This subject Introduces you to communication, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, communication for meetings, and work readiness.
Project Management Basics Teaches you the basics of project management like different types of projects, concepts, frameworks and stakeholders; the organisational and socio-economic influences that affects projects; key management skills needed; and finally how to manage the different phases and processes of every project.
Project Management Intermediate Teaches you more about quality control and management, how to identify risks and respond to them, how to acquire staff and build the project team, how to organise, plan and distribute information and how to measure the project’s performance and progress.
Customer Satisfaction Learn how customer relationship skills can build your success, how to deal with difficult people and save time by taking situations professionally. How to keep focused under pressure and keep the spotlight on the issue. Make it easy for others to cooperate with you by using cooperation techniques. Building motivation with customer feedback.
Project Management Teams Learn more advanced techniques for managing your project team such as identifying different characteristics to create the right team; conduct successful team meetings and communicate effectively and also correct decision making and conflict resolution strategies.
Project Management Advanced Learn advanced project management techniques regarding planning your time, cost, quality, risk and procurement for each project. Develop your team to be more effective. Monitor and control change, performance and responsibilities more professionally.

Study Upgrade

Now that you have completed the short,certificate and comprehensive course all you have to do is your practical.