N5 Legal Secretary Breakdown

Do you have a passion for assisting law professionals in the office? Then our N5 Legal Secretary Course is the right course for you. This is the second level towards achieving your Legal Secretary National Diploma.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

This course will teach you all the much needed skills that will help you become a professional in the law field. The subjects are specifically structured to help you complete your daily duties successfully. Get the subject breakdown of both the N4 and N5 Legal Secretary courses below.

Subject Description
Office Practice N4 Learn how to work in a team and make use of all company resources. This course is designed to help you deal with clients and equip you with clerical skills. With the skills you gain here you can smoothly adapt to any office.
Information Processing N4 As a secretary, you will need to know how to use Information Processing systems and computers that will allow you to record data, which will help you keep track of all your administrative duties. It will also help you stay organised, as you will be able to store your work more effectively, contributing to your organisational skills.
Communication N4 As a Legal Secretary you will need excellent communication skills. Learn more about basic communication principles and social interactions. After completing this course you will have sound knowledge of meeting procedures, how to build relationships, language usage and more.
Mercantile Law N4​ After completing this, you will be well-informed regarding basic legal principles. You will discover how the law impacts our daily lives. As an aspiring Legal Secretary, you should be knowledgeable about the law of contracts. This is a great introductory course that will equip you with logical reasoning and analytical skills.
Office Practice N5 Here you will learn how to manage your time as well as how to manage your duties effectively. You will also learn how to manage your diary, how to do filing, make bookings, speak on the phone, take and send messages to clients. This subject will also teach you how to help your colleagues in the office, while organising meetings and conferences, making travel arrangements and helping with keeping record of the finances and money spent and admin.
Communication N5 Become skilled in verbal and non verbal communication. Not only does this include speaking over the phone, you will learn how to send letters and emails. This is a valuable skill needed as a legal secretary.
Information Processing N5 As a legal secretary, you will be required to do a lot of admin work. This subject will help you keep track of your work and how to do admin effectively in the workplace. This subject will also teach you how to use processing programmes.
Legal Practice N5 Since you are in the law field, you will need to know of legal practices and have sufficient knowledge of legal matters. When helping colleagues in the office, you need to be able to have knowledge of the law sector as you need to be able to track the work correctly. Also when clients call the office, you need to be able to refer their matters to the correct person in the office.

Study Upgrade

Complete this N4 Legal Secretary course, then you can enrol and study further to the N5 and N6 Legal Secretary Nated courses, After completing all 3 courses, you will achieve your Legal Secretary National Diploma