Make-up Application Comprehensive Course Breakdown

Take your career to the next level with a Make-up Application Comprehensive Course and learn new business skills and beauty techniques.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Would you like to know what you will be learning in this Make-up Applications Comprehensive Course? 

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English This module will teach students how to correctly use the English language for business it covers everything from email to presentations to listening skills
Anatomy and Physiology This subject teaches you about the human body anatomy. You will learn about the various systems in the human body and each of their functions. This knowledge will help you in your career as a Nail Care Professional to better serve the customer
Professional Salon Skills This chapter gives you a good introduction into the beauty industry and how to conduct yourself professionally in the salon environment. It will also talk about how to prepare for your consultation with a client, which is one of the most important elements you need to master as a beauty therapist
Excellence in Service: Basic A big part of being a nail care professional has to do with interactions with customers. This subject prepares you for those service based interactions
Networking for Success Getting started as a nail care professional requires a good amount of networking to market your business and service. This subject teaches you how to do that and as a result you will be able to build networking relationships.
Entrepreneurship If you are planning on starting your own business with your nail care then this subject will teach you how. Entrepreneurship teaches you how to do a business plan and what goes into running a business.
Financial Management: Basic Managing your finance is key for any business. So this subject teaches you the key concept of the accounting cycle and finance management.
Introduction to Make-Up Application 1 Before you start to apply make-up to the face there is a lot you need to know. We start with a look at the anatomy of the face; the facial bones, shapes and muscles. You will then learn what tools you need to apply make-up, and how to care for those tools. It then discusses use of colour, foundation, concealer and how to contour a face with make-up
Introduction to Make-up Application 2 You will now learn how to apply make-up to the eyes and lips, as well as what make-up is appropriate for clients of different ages. You will then look at make-up for special occasions such as weddings and black tie events and then look at different styles of make-up that you can start to experiment with, as you get confident in this subject.

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