Interior Design: Short Course Breakdown

The Decor and Design industry is a very exciting and ever changing field that offers countless opportunities for people with creative and technical abilities.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

This Interior Design short course is packed with skill based subjects to get you going as a Interior Designer.

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English No business is complete without professional communication. That's the reason English language skills are important to have in almost every industry. We offer Introduction to Business English as a subject to all our students. After completion you will be more confident in your speaking and writing ability.
Face-to-Face Communication This subject will teach you to understand the impact of face-to-face contact, and to familiarise yourself with people’s behaviours and to use it to your advantage. Practice your non-verbal skills while improving your verbal skills to get your message across. Adapt these skills to function cross-culturally.
Interior Decorating: ID 101 These are the basic interior decorating principles like understanding past and present furniture styles as well as what influences them. You also get to learn decorating elements, principles and styles. You learn how to work with different kinds of floor, walls and ceilings layouts.

Study Upgrade

Doing a short course is the entry into the career of your dreams but it doesn’t have to stop there. Further your studies and get a Comprehensive Interior Design qualification today.