ICB National Certificate Public Sector Accounting Breakdown

Want to start your career as a public sector accountant? Our National Certificate Public Sector Accounting course will teach you skills needed to start your career in this industry.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

The subjects below will teach you all the skills needed to be successful within this field.

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English The subject aims to teach you the basics of communication in any business. In this subject you will learn verbal communication, which will teach you how to communicate effectively with employees and clients face to face and over the phone. You will also learn non verbal communication skills, which will teach you how to communicate in a professional manner through emails and, admin and documentation. You will also get some insight on how to communicate during meetings and presentations.
Bookkeeping to Trial Balance Learn the practical skills needed to be a bookkeeper. Get the proper knowledge with an introduction to business, bookkeeping and accounting. Learn the basic skills on tax, transactions, statements and individual debtor and creditors accounts. Here you will also get some insight on all ledgers and how to prepare and complete a trial balance.
Public Accounting Administration This subject teaches you how to work with government and municipalities accounting. To promote productivity and high-quality financial statements and internal controls. You will also learn how to do payroll and get some valuable knowledge on how to calculate tax from various areas.
Computerised Bookkeeping Learning how to use a computer has become an essential part of doing bookkeeping. It allows you to do your work in an easy and organised manner. Your calculations also have a higher chance of being more accurate. This subject will teach you how to do bookkeeping on a computer. You will also learn about Microsoft Office, Excel, Word and Outlook, covering the basic areas needed when working on a computer. This subject will also teach you about general ledger, customer and supplier accounts, and how to deal with balances and journals. Also learn about processing and procedures while maintaining cash books and petty cash.
Business Literacy Like an Introduction to Business English, you will learn verbal, as well as non verbal communication. However, business literacy takes it a step further, by also teaching you how to work with maths, such as equations and fractions. These are all important skills needed to be an accountant as it will help you with your calculations.

Study Upgrade

Once you complete this course, you will be able to move on to the ICB Diploma Public Sector Accounting Course.