Child Day Care: Comprehensive Certificate Breakdown

Our Child Day Care: Comprehensive Certificate equips you with the skills to care for and raise the leaders of tomorrow.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Are you keen to know what you will learn with our Child Day Care: Comprehensive Certificate? This course equips students with a wealth of skills to care for little ones. Here’s what you can expect:

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English English is the language of business used in South Africa. Improve your abilities to become more confident in your job. Learn how to read effectively, write business letters or emails, and improve your overall communication skills. After completion, you will be more confident in your English speaking abilities.
Child Day Care CDC-101 Learn more about the growth and development of children to help you take care of them. As a Child Care professional, you will need to know how to help kids grow and learn through fun activities. This subject will teach you about their development phase and factors that may influence their growth.
First Aid Concepts You will be responsible for many little human beings, because they will be in your care. Fear not. This subject will prepare you for accidents and what to do when they happen. Learn about human anatomy and how to apply the correct first aid procedures. There are also important factors you need to know, such as the legal implications of first aid.
Customer Satisfaction As a Child Care professional, you will be working in the service industry. The same customer service principles will apply. Learn how to deal with difficult clients and how to deal with customer feedback to improve your service.
Child Day Care CDC-102 Learn all there is to know to help aid a child in his or her development. This subject touches topics such as food and nutrition, and how you can prepare meals for them to help with their growth. You will also learn about diversity of care, and what role each person in their lives play to help them with their development.
Office Management Child Care duties will range from helping look after kids to performing admin duties. Office management teaches you how to communicate with and manage employees. You will also learn more about managing expenses and bookkeeping.

Study Upgrade

This is the final level course in the Child Day Care programme. If you wish to further your education, you can do so. Why not enrol for our other Child Care courses like Child Psychology?