Leaked Matric Exam Papers

Oh no!! Leaked Matric Exam Papers are on the rise. Don’t cheat, use our tips to succeed. You have alternative options to passing your matric finals with us.

As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse now you have to deal with Leaked Matric Exam Papers. 2020 has been a rough year for all students, especially for matric. But we have some information that can put your mind at ease. Don’t stress, you will succeed.

Leaked Matric Exam Papers – What Does This Mean? 

The matric finals started off rocky and seem to be continuing on that streak. Half way through finals and three matric exam papers have been leaked. The Department of Basic Education is doing the best to find the culprits of the leaks. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to rewrite your papers. 

Papers That Were Leaked 

Some might say that it’s a coincidence that the three leaked papers are also some of the hardest subjects. But this is not something to joke about. Your matric finals play an important role in setting a foundation for your future. 

  • Life Science 
  • Mathematics Paper 2 
  • Physical Sciences Paper 2

Will Matrics Complete 2020 Finals? 

With the news of leaked papers, the big question right now is, will matric be able to complete their 2020 final exams? And the answer is yes. Right now, your exams will continue as scheduled on your matric time table

What Happens if you are Caught Cheating in Your Matric Finals

The matric NSC exams are extremely serious and should be taken as such. Before you think of cheating, think of the consequences you will face. Unlike other exams, you won’t just fail your paper, you will face severe repercussions. 

Banned From Writing NSC Exams 

If you are caught cheating, you won’t be allowed to complete the rest of your exams. You will also be banned from writing the NSC exams for up to three years. 

Criminal Charges 

Due to the seriousness and importance of the matric final exams, if you are caught cheating or distributing leaked papers,  you could face criminal charges. 

Loss of Credibility 

Your school record matters. Once you are caught cheating, it will follow you around for the rest of your life. Creating a negative impact on your career and credibility. 

A young man with headphones on, sitting in front of his computer reading up on Leaked Matric Exam Papers.

Don’t Cheat – Find Better Ways to Succeed 

Why cheat? Cheating won’t get you anywhere and it definitely won’t lead to success. So throw that thought out the door and open yourself up to other success strategies. It won’t be easy but hard work pays off. 

Study groups: A study group can help you understand the materials you are struggling with. It also gives you the opportunity to learn new study techniques. 

Past Papers: Forget about leaked papers, you have past papers. You can get FREE past matric papers to use. 

Ask for Help: Everyone understands how stressful matric can be, you are not alone. Ask teachers, students and friends for help.  

Courses That Don’t Require Matric 

If you can’t handle the stress of matric, there are courses you can study without a matric certificate. These courses will give you skills needed for an entry-level career. You can always do your matric when you are ready. 

Plug the Leak and Use our Tips to Succeed 

Don’t let leaked papers tempt you into cheating on your exam papers. Use our tips and get the marks you deserve the honest way. Contact one of our course experts and find out about our Adult Matric and Matric Upgrade courses. 

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Last Updated: September 2, 2021


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