Salon Manager

Being a Salon Manager is a title with a cause. You want to ensure that every customer that walks into your Salon leaves looking their best. Like Oprah said “live your best life”.

Job Responsibilities

They have to keep track of how many new employees they can hire and if they give salary increases.

A salon cannot function without supplies and products. The manager needs to order and maintain supplies.

They are responsible for hiring and managing new talent. 

Salon Managers keep the business owner up to speed with the current financial state of the salon.

Salon Managers need to make sure that the service they give is exceptional and that customers are satisfied. 

What to Study

Salon Management Expert Certificate

The Salon Management Expert certificate course is perfect for those who have dreams of opening their own salon business.
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Beauty Therapy Comprehensive Expert Certificate

The Beauty Therapy Comprehensive Expert Certificate course provides our students with extensive and thorough knowledge of the beauty care industry today.
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What Does a Salon Manager do?

Now that you would like to be the Salon Manager you are wondering what will you do besides living your best life? Well, Salon Managers wear many hats. They sometimes form part of the salon’s hair stylist or facial therapists depending on their skills.

All these duties you can learn in a Salon Management Short Course from Skills Academy and even some skills not mentioned. Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s explore the educational requirements next.

Our Salong Management Courses will help you fulfill your dream of becoming a successful Salon Manager.

What Qualifications do you Need to be a Salon Manager?

Education has never been a bad thing and there is no such thing as too much education. That being said to be in any form of a management role you need some sort of qualification. That could even be in the form of a short course or a tertiary education. But, let’s not fool ourselves. We all would much rather study from home than get up early everyday to go out to class. Come rain and shine!

As you know you can do a Salon Management Expert Certificate from Skills Academy from the comfort of your home. Let’s have a look at what this course offers you.

  1. Introduction to business English
  2. Professional salon skills
  3. Networking for success
  4. Facial skin care theory
  5. Excellence in service basic
  6. Facial skin care techniques
  7. Lash and brow
  8. Introduction to make up application 1
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Introduction to make up application 2
  11. Financial management basic
  12. Nail technician manicure and pedicure
  13. UV Gel nails, acrylic nails, fiberglass nails and decoration

This impressive skill set that you’ll learn is important to becoming a Salon Manager. I never let an opportunity like this pass me by. Why you ask! Cause I want to live my best life. You should do the same and join Skills Academy today.

Start your career in the beauty industry by becoming a successful Salon Manager.

Salon Manager Salary

With great salary expectations, it’s no wonder you want to become a Salon Manager. You can expect an average salary of R17 509 with the more prestige the salon the more you will earn. That means there is always room for growth. With the biggest takeaway being you will have the skills to run your own salon one day.

Let’s look at factors that will impact your salary:

  • The amount of experience you have
  • Your skill set
  • The size of the salon you work in
  • The duties you will be performing
  • If you are a stylist or not

Ticking more boxes is always better than less. So don’t wait to get started, start today with your Skills Academy Salon Management Course.

Skills Required to be a Salon Manager

You know the duties, education and salary already but, every career has skills that you require to be able to do the job. Salon Manager is no different. Here are the skills required to be a Salon Manager:

  • Delegation
  • Administrative skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Good communication and written skills
  • Leadership
  • Employee management
  • Customer service
  • Adaptability

Author: Lucrisia Benjamin

Last Updated: August 18, 2020