How to Pass a Personality Test

Let your exceptional qualities and personality shine through in your interview. Learn How to Pass a Personality Test and you could land your dream job.

So you got the interview for the job of your dreams? That’s amazing news! Your next step is impressing employers with your skills and abilities at the interview. You’ve rehearsed common interview questions and feel ready. But what if they conduct a personality test? No need to worry. Find out How to Pass a Personality Test and get the job you’ve always wanted.

What is a Personality Test?

A personality test is an assessment used by employers to determine a candidate’s personality and behaviour. There are no right or wrong answers. But your answers, along with your interview, will help recruiters determine if you are the best choice.

Common Personality Tests Used by Employers

There are many different personality tests. Each employer will decide which test will help them find the best candidate. This all depends on the industry and what outcome employers want. Common personality tests include:

The Caliper Profile – This is considered one of the toughest personality tests. It determines your characteristics and also your thought process on how you answer the questions. It consists of 180 multiple choice questions. 

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – This is a psychological personality test. It places candidates in categories based on how they view the world and themselves. Here you will answer multiple choice questions. Based on your answer, you will be given 1 of 16 personality types.

Predictive Index (PI) Behavioural Assessment – This is a free-choice assessment, meaning it is less forced than multiple choice questions. It measures how you see yourself, and how others perceive you.

DISC Assessment – This test establishes 4 main categories and its personalities associated with them. It will help you find out your personality type and where you fit into the company as a valued employee.

Woman sitting while shaking hands with a man that is standing, congratulating her on getting a job. Learn How to Pass a Personality Test and you could be one step closer to landing your dream job.

Importance of a Personality Test

You are waiting for your interview and panic takes over excitement. You may be wondering why employers put you through this. But there are a few good reasons why personality tests are so important. The main reason is that it doesn’t just benefit the employer, it benefits you too.

Matches the Best Candidate With the Job Description

Think you’re the perfect candidate for a job? Well a personality test can confirm that for you. It matches the best candidate to the job description. This will ensure that the right candidate was chosen to successfully complete the requirements of the job.

Find out Who You Are

You may think you know who you are, but a personality test may determine that which you may not know about yourself. For e,g. you may think you aren’t confident enough. Yet a personality test could show you that you do have the leadership skills you think you lack.

Fitting Into the Company Culture

Everyone is unique and adds a personal touch to every company. Yet within every department, there is a certain dynamic that allows the team to work well together. A personality test will determine if you fit into the culture of the company. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

Is it Possible to Fail a Personality Test?

You can’t fail a personality test. There are no possible right or wrong answers. No matter what answers you give, a personality type will be given to you. You will however, be scored on the answers you give. The higher the score, the better the chance you have of getting the job.

Fake a Personality Test – Should you do it?

Simple answer – no. So you fake the test and get the job. Now you need to complete the duties expected of you, but you don’t have the qualities they need. So what will you do now? You will only be shooting yourself in the foot when you do this. Knowing what your true personality is will truly benefit your career.

Woman wearing a green sweater pointing to her head while holding a lightbulb. If you know yourself and your qualities, you could get the job you've always wanted. Learn How to Pass a Personality Test right here.

How to Pass a Personality Test

Cheating is never the answer. Whether it’s a harmless game like Snakes and Ladders, or your final exams. Passing the test and getting the job is all about knowing yourself and your abilities. Keep this in mind when you are answering the questions. Our tips will help you pass the test the right way.

Know What the Job Requires – If you are applying to a managerial position and know you can do it, make sure your answers showcase your leadership and management abilities. Keep in mind what the job requires of you and answer the questions accordingly.

Gain the Soft Skills – Recruiters seek employers with a wide range of soft skills, which will come to the forefront of your personality test. Brush up on soft skills like leadership, time management and problem-solving skills, which will help you answer questions in your favour. 

Be Confident – If you know you have the abilities the employer seeks, be confident. Do not second guess yourself. Answering ‘maybe’, or ‘no’ on your test when you know you have the skills and experience could result in a low score.

Practice Makes Perfect – There are many personality tests on the internet. Take a test and check out your results. Get some insight on the structure. This will reduce the stress of the interview as you are aware of what to expect.

Allow Your Personality to Shine Through

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Last Updated: 25 November 2020