Finding Jobs without Matric and Experience

Learn how to make Finding Jobs Without Matric and Experience easier by studying one of our courses. Learn more by following our tips and you could start a successful career.

Finding a job is hard even if you have the right set of skills and qualifications. That’s why Finding Jobs Without Matric and Experience is even harder. Many people lose hope in ever starting a career. It is one of the reasons the unemployment rate is high in South Africa. There is however, hope for you and many resources available that can help you find a suitable job.

How to Find a job Without Experience

No matter how many qualifications you have, without experience, it won’t be much help. Many graduates aren’t able to find jobs due to their lack of experience. Even though employers require it, not many are willing to give you the opportunity. There are a few ways you can gain valuable workplace experience.


One of the easiest ways to gain experience is through volunteering. There are many organisations available, from large NPOs to small community organisations. With them, you will do tasks and activities which will help you gain skills and experience. 

Job Shadow

Gain a practical workplace experience in the field you want to pursue. Job shadowing allows you to work at a company, usually without payment, while others do provide you with a stipend. Some of these could lead to a permanent job if there is a position available. 


In order to get experience, you need to know the right people who will give you the opportunity to gain the experience you need. Look into your circle of friends or reach out to a business. They might have, or know someone that has, a vacancy at their company. 

Create a Good CV

In most cases, your CV can make or break you. It’s the first thing an employer sees and stands between you and an interview. Make sure you focus on your strong points and skills when you don’t have experience. Also include credible references on your CV. 

There are many tips online on how to create a great CV and cover letter.

Man sitting on steps with his laptop while writing in a book. Make Finding Jobs Without Matric and Experience easy by studying with us.

How to Find a job Without Matric

Not having your matric certificate is not the end of the world. You can still have a successful career even without matric. Some of the ways you can get a job without matric include:

Skills Based Courses you Can Study Without Matric

If you’re interested in studying without matric, then look no further. We have many options that will allow you to study further and achieve a qualification. All you need is the ability to read, write and understand English. Some of the courses you can study without matric include:

Attend Career Expos

What better way to get a job without matric than to speak to an expert? Career expos will have a wide variety of business owners and professionals at your disposal. Ask them about the field you want to pursue and they might even have a place for you at their company.  

Sign up to job Sites

Gone are the days of paging through a limited number of job posts in the classifieds. Sign up to a job site and they will send you vacancies based on the position you would like to have. Some of the many job sites you can sign up to are:

Two woman sitting on a couch with their laptops are Finding Jobs Without Matric and Experience with the skills gained in our courses.

Gain Transferable Skills

To get a job without experience, make sure you have the transferable skills sought out by employers. Transferable skills, also known as soft skills, are personality traits that you can learn on your own time and improve. They will also help you with complete tasks successfully. Some soft skills includes:

Communication Skills – Communication is a key element to success. Communication helps with increased productivity among coworkers and guarantees happy customers.

Leadership – This doesn’t just refer to management or the boss. Taking leadership in your own work means that you are able to make decisions and solve problems while helping others.

Organisational skills – This is an important skill to have in every office. This isn’t just about being organised. It shows your preparedness for meetings and that everything stays on track.

Problem-solving skills – Is the WIFI down? Unhappy feedback from clients? With this skill, you can fix all that and more. Eliminate problems by addressing it in a well thought out manner.

Time management skills – Every good employee needs excellent time management skills. It prevents delays that could impact the productivity in a business. 

Creativity – Start a career based on your keen eye and attention to detail. It’s a great skill to have when brainstorming new ideas for a project and solving problems in a creative way.

Jobs That Will Allow you to use Your Soft Skills

Use your soft skills to the best of your ability. There are jobs available that will allow you to harness your capabilities and start a job using your soft skills. Further training will be needed. However, your soft skills could be the break you need into your future career. Some of these jobs include:

  • Nanny
  • Photographer
  • Event planner
  • Customer service representative
  • Personal assistant

Once your career is in full swing, study our courses and advance your skills.

Get Your Matric

There are many career opportunities available to you, even without matric. Is getting your matric certificate a personal achievement you would like to obtain? We have the programme for you. Our Adult Matric programme will allow you to get your matric via distance learning. All you need is to be 21 and older, and have the ability to read, write in English.

Allow Your Skills to Pave the way for Your Career

Even if you don’t have experience and matric, it shouldn’t stand in your way of becoming successful. Many are eager to work and just need that special break that will help them become a success. Our courses could be the break you need. Study with us and climb the corporate ladder to success. Contact one of our course experts for more information. You can:

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27
  • Fill in our contact form for a call back
Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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