Civil Technology Matric Past Papers

Your Matric exams do not need to give you a headache. Simple make use of our study resources. Download Civil Technology Matric Past Papers right here and ace your final exams!

Hurry! There’s no time to waste. Your Civil Technology exam is right around the corner and we’re here to offer you a helping hand. Get access to matric past papers right here. Class of 2020, are you ready?  

Past Papers and Memos 

Civil Technology will be written on the 10th of November at 2pm. Make sure you arrive at the exam venue on time and adhere to Covid-19 protocol. Get access to past papers below: 

Civil Technology Past Papers

Past papers are a great resource to get a feel for the structure of the exam and how questions are asked. 


Once you’ve worked through the previous exam papers, have a look at the memos to see what areas you need to work on. 

You will only be writing one paper for this exam and will be 3 hours long. Don’t worry though. This time will fly by if you’re well prepared. 

A student sitting on a bench revising his work. Get your Civil Technology Matric Past Papers right here!

Exam Tips:

When the matric 2020 results are released on the 23rd of February, we know you want to be there celebrating. Apply these tips to pass matric and reach your study goals: 

Summarise Your Work in Your Own Words 

To ensure you are familiar with the theory of civil technology, summarise your work using your own words. Practice your sketches and note down important methods and formulas. 

Study Ahead of Time

Don’t leave your studies for the night before. Your long-term memory is much more reliable than your short-term memory. Don’t set yourself up for failure!  

Test Yourself

Make use of the past papers and memos we have provided you with. Test your knowledge and see how many questions you answered correctly. 

To keep track of your matric exams, download the Matric 2020 Exam Timetable. You can access it on your phone, computer or print it out. 

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