What Career is Right For You?

As you grow older, your interests and passions change. You find yourself asking questions like, what career is right for you? Only if life was as easy as it was back when we were carefree children. Find out how to decide what career is right for you.

What is a Career?


To be able to figure out what career suits you best, you need to understand what is a career. For most people, a career is their lifetime job. However, this is not entirely true. Think of a career as a journey. It starts from the college qualification you choose to do. The jobs you do while studying and after. 

Often, a career compliments a person’s personality and attributes. What you love the most and what you are good at. You are bound to be really good at what you love doing the most.  So, a career would be a collection of your educational, personality and job-choice attributes.

For example, a career in teaching could start off as a high school teacher. Then move on to being a university professor to an academic researcher.

Difference Between A Job and A Career? 


As we have mentioned, people tend to confuse a job with a career, but these two are very different. A job is something you do just to earn some cash. It has no long life commitment to it and will not really help you in a significant way in the long run. 

This does not mean that you should not give your all to your job. It still needs your best effort, as trivial as it may be to your overall goals. Also, a job could teach you valuable life lessons that could help you excel in your career.Student on the couch with laptop researching 'What Career is Right For You'


How Do You Choose What Career is Right For You?


So, the big question, how do you know what career is right for you? Well, a lot of people find themselves asking this question. A career is a lifelong commitment, you want to ensure that you choose the correct one. There are many sites that offer quizzes that will help you to decide what career is right for you. They’re not foolproof but are a start. 

Below are some methods you can use to help you decide.

Know Your Strengths

Everyone is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses. Find out what yours are and start from there. What are you really good at? What makes your hearts sing? There might be a number of things you love and are good at. So, make a list and pick the ones you love the most and can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. Be it singing or teaching. If it’s your passion, it matters. 

Find Out Your Personality Type

Now that you have figured out your passions, dreams and goals, find out who you really are. Are you a compassionate person? Are you competitive? Knowing this helps you decide what work environment will be best suited for you. You cannot be a professional runner if you love running but hate competing. This Myers-Briggs personality test may help figure out your personality.

Take Internships

Internships are probably the most crucial part of your career decision making journey. They will lay  a solid foundation for you and also give you a hands on experience of what the job is exactly about. After the internship, you can then decide if that is something you want to do for the rest of your life. Or if it’s something you can see yourself growing and building on. On top of that, you will be building networks and professional relationships. 

These are not all be all solutions to finding the best career path. As you already know a career is a journey, so is getting to a decision of what career is best for you. It will not happen overnight.

Use everything at your disposal and be patient. Once you get an idea and want to start studying, you can contact Skills Academy. We have consultants who will help you decide on what course to take based on what you want as a career. 

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Last Updated: 2 November 2020