Physical Science Matric Past Papers

Exam time is here! Prepare for your final examinations with Physical Science Matric Past Papers to help you pass. You can download them and use whenever.

The Matric 2020 Exams are underway! And coming right up is the Physical Science final examinations. For some, this topic can be a relatively dark matter. But Physics can be a really fun subject once you understand it. Improve your technique with Physical Science Matric Past Papers.

Past Papers and Memos

By now you should be doing final preparations for your Physical Sciences final matric examination. A great resource to help you on your journey to success would be Physical Science Matric Past Papers

Here are a few past papers and memos to help you out:

  1. Paper 1 
  2. Paper 2 
  3. Memo 1
  4. Memo 2

Past papers are a great way to give you an idea of how questions are structured in the exams. It may differ slightly from the way your teacher may structure questions, and therefore you need to prepare. 

Past papers and memos are also useful for:

  • Identifying gaps in your knowledge
  • Finding areas that you need to improve on
  • Getting to grips with exam techniques
  • Knowing your way around mark schemes

When is the Physical Science Matric Exam?

The Physical Science exams take place in the third and fourth week of the Matric 2020 Exams. 

  • Paper 1 – 20 November 
  • Paper 2 – 23 November

Download the Matric Exams 2020 timetable to plan your studies and revision accordingly.

How Long Will the Exam Question Paper be? 

The duration of the Physical Science final examination is 3 hours for each paper and is 150 marks each. 

Both question papers take place in the morning. It is important that you arrive at the venue early to find your seats and go through the needed COVID-19 safety protocol

How to Pass Physical Science in Matric

There are a few small things you could do that will significantly affect your exam results. Things like starting with revision early and making use of study tools. Here are some tips to help you pass. 

  • Learn to Understand not to Memorise – By learning to understand rather than trying to memorise concepts, the work will become even more easier to you.
  • Practice Problem Solving – Rather than just reading to textbooks and looking at examples, try to solve a few problems. It is a great way to practice and will boost knowledge and confidence.
  • Take Advantage of Study Resources – Make use of every study resource that is made available to you. Especially if they are free!
  • Use Helpful Study Techniques – Rather than spending hours reading through textbooks, find and make use of helpful study methods for greater results.
  • Practice With Past Papers – Prepare yourself for the real deal. Past papers are a great way to build your confidence and boost your knowledge.

Be Positive No Matter Watt

Why wait for the outcome of your matric results when you can start planning your next step? Have a look at our courses to help you make a decision. Speak to a course expert to get started.

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Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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