Part Time Colleges

Want to know what a part time college is and its benefits? Then this article is for you. Keep reading and find out.

Are you looking to further your education and are unsure about part time colleges? Or you don’t know what’s the difference between part time, full time and distance learning colleges? Then this article is for you.

What are Considered Part Time Colleges?

To understand what is a part time college is, we first need to understand what is a full time college. At full time colleges you attend classes on a roster, and classes run for the morning until the afternoon. While part time college offers classes outside those times and works on a schedule that allows you to take more time to complete your qualification.

Is it Cheaper to be a Part Time Student?

Part time might not be cheaper over the long run but it could be more beneficial if you can’t afford to pay a large sum upfront. Let me explain. As a full time student you are required to pay for the whole year in advance. While part time students may also be required to pay for the year in advance they pay less as they take less subjects per year. That’s the reason their qualification takes longer to complete.

That means as a part time student you won’t need to rely on loans and financial aid as much as a full time student. Your payments are spread over a longer period of time allowing you to complete your studies with less financial burden (debt).

Can I Work Full Time and Study Part Time?

Yes, you can. Working while studying one of the main reasons people consider studying part time. So what are the benefits of working full time and studying part time:

  • Part time studies pose less of a financial burden
  • You can further your career and qualification at the same time
  • Part time studies come with less stress as you are doing less subjects at any given time

Both full time and part time colleges come with their own set of pros and cons. You need to choose which is best suited to your lifestyle and financial situation.

Is Part Time and Distance Education the Same?

No, as part time colleges require you to attend some form of classes or lecturers while distance learning is for the most part correspondence based. You will only be required to write exams depending on the course you are studying.

Benefits of Distance Learning

Colleges like Skills Academy offer distance learning. So what are the benefits of distance learning compared to part time?

  1. You don’t attend any classes or lecturers
  2. Your study material gets sent to you via post or email
  3. You can study from the comfort of your own home or on the go.

The one thing that part time colleges and distance learning colleges have in common is that you can work full time and study at the same time.

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Last Updated: 21 June 2022



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