Interested in learning more about Fasset? You’ve come to the right place! Read further to find out what Fasset is and why they exist.

What is Fasset all About? 


Fasset is the Financial and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority. It was established due to the Skills Development Act when it came into effect in 1998.The finance and accounting services sector is the largest employer of people with financial management, accounting and auditing skills. This sector includes: 

  • Financial development organisations 
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and tax services 
  • The South African Revenue Services (SARS) 
  • National and provincial treasuries 
  • Investments and trusts

Fasset Goals


Fasset aims to increase the flow of new finance and accounting candidates to employment; develop and grow the skills required in the sector; and facilitate transformation of the finance and accounting sector. 

Purpose of the Skills Development Act


The Skills Development Act was created due to the short supply of skilled workers in South African industries. It aims to expand the knowledge and skills of workers in order to improve productivity and employment chances. This is achieved through new ways to plan for training, learning programmes and incentives. 

The main aims of this act is to: 

  • Improve the quality of life of workers and their job prospects 
  • Increase the levels of investment in education and training in the labour market 
  • Improve productivity in the workplace 
  • Promote self-employment 
  • Improve the delivery of service 
Fasset stands for the Financial and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority

Courses Awarded by Fasset 


Skills Academy offers ICB courses with qualifications that are awarded by Fasset. These courses are accredited and nationally recognised. 

Office Administration

These ICB office administration courses will teach you how to be an all-rounder in any office environment. 

Public Sector Accounting

Learn the accounting skills needed to work in government groups with these ICB public sector accounting courses. 

Business Management 

Always wanted to manage a business? These ICB business management courses will give you the skills and knowledge needed to be successful. 

Financial Accounting 

Become an accountant, bookkeeper or financial manager with these ICB financial accounting courses. 


Dream of starting your own business? These ICB entrepreneurship courses will teach you the tricks of the trade.  

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Last Updated: 30 October 2020