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Are you looking for a course to study in your area? Look no further. Learn more about Durban Colleges and your other studying options here.

Where can I Study in Durban?

There are many colleges, universities and other learning institutions available in Durban. All of them offer different courses with different qualifications.However, some of the Durban Colleges or Universities may be a bit out of the way for you. Or they might not have the course you wanted to complete. If that’s the case, why not consider distance learning with Skills Academy?

What are my Other Options?

If there’s no spot left for you at the Durban Colleges or Universities, you should consider your other options. You can relocate to another province or city to study there. This means that you will have to prepare yourself for the extra expenses. If you’re looking for a more flexible or convenient solution, your answer is distance learning. 

Why Should I Consider Distance Learning?

Times are changing, and the sooner you adapt to different learning styles the better. That includes methods that allow you to get your qualification from the comfort of your own home. Become more independent and enjoy the following benefits of distance learning.

  • Study from anywhere in South Africa – not just Durban
  • Enjoy flexible learning hours
  • No need to attend class – ever
  • Enjoy payment methods that suit your pockets
  • Register to study for a course at any time of the year
  • Study without matric
  • Keep your full-time job and study
  • Save on travelling and accommodation costs (if you were supposed to relocate)

How Will Skills Academy Support me if I go the Distance?

Distance learning may be an unfamiliar term for many. Even though distance learning encourages independent learning, you will not be on your own. This is how Skills Academy will offer you support when you enrol with us:

Online Academic Support

Just because you don’t have to attend class doesn’t you won’t receive academic support from your college. You will still get a quality education with incredible service and support. You can use your prefered method to contact your tutor or lecturer. You can reach them via Whatsapp or email. You can send them all your study related queries. 

Great Study Material

Buying books can be stressful. The books you need for college  might not be in stock at your local bookstore. Sometimes you have to wait a few weeks before they have it in stock. This means that you will fall behind with your school work. However, Skills Academy will send you all the material you need to get started. 

Study Groups

Scared that you will miss out on the supportive environment from your classmates. Well, we have a solution for that. All our students get access to Together We Pass (TWP) online study groups. Here you can help each other solve study related problems and share research. 

Interested in Studying one of our Courses?

Chat to one of our course experts to enrol. 

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Last Updated: 21 June 2022



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