Tourism Business Ideas 2021

Here are some Tourism Business Ideas 2021 to inspire you and to help you get excited about the industry again. Help rebuild the industry and economy.

Passionate about tourism and looking for new ways to expand or grow within the industry? There are quite a few things you could do. Here are a few Tourism Business Ideas for 2021 to inspire you. 

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Tourism

Tourism was one of the industries that suffered the most in 2020. Many industry professionals lost their jobs and businesses closed. If you are still passionate about the industry, maybe it is time to adjust your ideas and career instead of giving up. 

  • Opportunities are endless – Whether it is for business or leisure, people will always travel. They will always need assistance from local experts to help make their stay a little easier. This means that there are endless opportunities for businesses. 
  • Allows you to be creative – People are always looking for unique experiences that don’t conform to the regular tourist-y stuff. You can be creative with your services and provide them with one-of-a-kind experiences they won’t find anywhere else. 
  • The industry will recover – Although it seems like no end is in sight, things will get better. With time and adjustments, the industry will recover. Rather than making plans for when things get back to normal, prove your resilience by adjusting to the times.
Man holding passport in his hand with his luggage next to him. Here are Tourism Business Ideas 2021 to inspire you

Top Tourism Business Ideas 2021

We don’t know what the future holds, but maybe it is time to focus on making local travel fun and accessible. Here are our top tourism business ideas 2021. 

Vehicle Rental Business

Give travellers a unique experience with a unique vehicle rental business. If you have a Beetle, unique caravan or camper, you could rent out your vehicle. Your service could even include unique guided tours. This is a much nicer experience than renting a traditional meter taxi.

Guest House and Lodging

Live close to the hottest tourist attractions in your city? You could use this opportunity to rent out a place, or a room in your house to travellers. Since people can’t travel abroad, they are most likely to travel locally. This is the perfect opportunity to make extra money or venture into Guest House Management

Virtual Events Organiser

While weddings, festivals and other events are still considered ‘superspreaders’, this could be the perfect opportunity to organise cool virtual events. You could invite artists to participate in online concerts or festivals. 

Holiday Photography 

You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. So give travellers something meaningful to remember their holiday. Get creative with your camera and take stunning holiday snaps of travellers. You could promote your business online to help them find you. 

Airport Shuttle Service

Offer a more exclusive service than traditional vehicle hire companies. You could offer your services exclusively to people travelling to and from the airport. Work directly with tour operators to get clients. 

Travel Layby Service

Travel packages where people pay off their holidays months in advance is quite common. So why not offer travel now, pay later service to travellers? These payment options are quite popular now with providers like Mobicred and PayJustNow. But travelling versions of these payment methods are not popular yet. 

Cooking Classes

Make bank off your culinary skills. If you know how to cook traditional dishes, why not give cooking masterclasses? Both local and international travellers could benefit from the classes you give. 

Souvenir Shop

Give them something to remember their trip. You would be surprised to know how many travellers buy trinkets when they are on holiday. Use this as an opportunity to make and sell your own souvenirs. 

Next Stop? Graduating

Your next destination is success with us here at Skills Academy. Have a look at our Tourism and Guest House Management Courses to plan for your future. Speak to a course expert today. 

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Last Updated: November 30, 2020


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