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Become a Tourism Manager with our Tourism Courses.

Tourism Manager

From solo travellers, honeymooners to families – each of these clients have different travel needs. They need a travel expert who understands their budget and expectations.
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Kickstart your career as a travel consultant with Skills Academy.

Travel Consultant

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Help clients holiday dreams come true and become a tour guide.

Tour Guide

No day in the life of a tour guide is the same. You learn so much from the people you are guiding, as well as learning about the amazing country you are in.
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What is Tourism all About?

Want to take the path towards Tourism Careers but are not sure what tourism is about exactly? Tourism are the activities of people traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment. This could be for fun, relaxation or business, for less than a year. It includes activities such as sightseeing, camping and hiking.

The top five sectors in the tourism industry is as follows:

1. Accommodation – Hotels, guest houses, camping sites.

2. Transportation – Airlines, car rentals, railway.

3. Entertainment – Casino, shopping, tours.

4. Food and Beverages – Restaurants, bars and cafes.

5. Related services – Travel agencies, tour operators.

Tourism Careers – What are the Benefits?

Break the mould of an ordinary lifestyle and gain useful skills in the process. If you have a passion for travel and love to help others, a career in the tourism industry would be perfect for you. Below is a list of some benefits of tourism careers.

Learn Something new Every day 

Working in the industry is the best way to develop in-depth travel and tourism knowledge. You can learn about different cultures, as well as what the best travel spots are both locally and abroad.

Many Career Paths 

The great thing about the tourism industry is that it offers a range of job opportunities that are flexible and fun. Whether you want to work in a hotel, resort or on a cruise – the world is your oyster. Qualified people have exciting work settings to choose from.

Gain Transferable Skills 

The travel industry allows you to develop the skills needed to help you grow. You will learn how to communicate well with others and teach you how to deal with a crisis.

You can Travel 

In the tourism sector, you can travel to beautiful places and experience new adventures. It gives you an opportunity to explore different countries, cultures and meet new people.

Make an Impact 

The tourism industry has a great economic value for a country’s economy and the people. It also benefits local communities through the creation of jobs. This all done without exploiting the environment or people.

It’s a Growing Industry 

The tourism and travel industry is one of the most competitive and innovative industries in the world. This competition allows for new creative ideas. Services in this industry are always being developed to keep up with the needs of tourists.

Tourism Careers

What Tourism Careers are There?

As the fastest growing industry in the world, new job opportunities are always being created. The many skills needed to fill these positions span a wide range of interests. Each sector has a range of career choices.

Travel Agent – A travel agent researches, plans and books trips for individuals or groups. They help with flight bookings, holiday activities and transfer arrangements.

Tour Guide – A tour guide gives guided tours to groups of people or tourists. They must have knowledge of certain areas, including tourist attractions and natural features.

Tourism Manager – A tourism manager manages a company or tourist attraction within the tourism industry. This includes promoting tourism and making sure the needs of guests are met.

How Much do Tourism Careers pay?

The salaries for tourism careers vary from business to business. It can range from between R7000 to R30 000, depending on your job title. Below are some examples of job titles and salary estimates per month in the tourism industry.

  • Tour guide – R16 684
  • Travel agent – R9 496
  • Hotel manager – R26 442
  • Travel consultant – R13 936
  • Guest house manager – R11 981


Skills Needed for Tourism Careers

The tourism industry is all about people. This means it needs experts who have the right set of skills to offer excellent customer service. Below is a list of skills needed for a career in this industry.

Soft Skills:

  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Flexibility
  • Cultural awareness

Technical Skills: 

  • Computer skills
  • Marketing
  • Admin

How do I Develop a Career in Tourism?

The tourism industry is made up of different types of jobs, ranging from service positions to executive titles. The duties of these jobs can vary, but they usually require good customer service skills and the ability to work well with others. Below are some tips you can use if you are interested in pursuing a career in tourism.

Choosing a Career in the Tourism Industry 

Interested in working in the tourism industry but not sure what job you want to do? Look at the ways which can help you choose the perfect job for you.

  • Research jobs related to tourism – These job opportunities can include travel planning or working at a resort. Look at job sites and career guides for more information.
  • Assess your skills – Do you have strong communication and organisational skills? Identify the skills you already have and work on the ones you lack.
  • Look at industry trends – This can help you identify which job opportunities are available and if they are in demand or not.
  • Consider your interests – This can help you narrow down your choices. If you are a people’s person, working at a resort or tourist attraction would be ideal.


Getting Started With Your Tourism Careers

Finally know what job you want to do? Take the next step by looking at the list below:

  • Apply for an entry-level job – If you’re just starting out in the industry, aim for jobs that have fewer educational or training requirements.
  • Consider getting a tourism-related qualification – By doing this, you will gain the necessary knowledge and training for any tourism-related job.
  • Apply for an internship – If you are looking to gain work experience, applying for an internship is the way to go.

Where can I Work?

There are many places where tourism experts can work. They include some of the following:

  • Game farms
  • Guest houses
  • Holiday resorts
  • Game reserves
  • SA Tourism Board

Types of Tourism

There are different types of tourism. These include some of the following:


Adventure tourism involves exploring remote places where you can connect with a new culture or landscape, and be physically active. Examples include, hiking, zip lining and backpacking.


Business tourism involves traveling to another city or province for your company in order to work there for a few days. An example of this is a work conference.


Food tourism is for people who love to explore new food places. This includes the chance to learn new cooking skills or attend a food tasting event.


Cultural tourism is when travelers engage with a country or religion’s culture, especially the lifestyle. Some related activities include rituals and festivals.


Ecotourism involves visiting undisturbed natural areas. It promotes conserving the environment and improving the wellbeing of local people. Some examples include The Amazon and Alaska.

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Author: Thiana Pretorius

Last Updated: August 18, 2020

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