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Plan and organise extravagant parties that will be talked about for years. Be the Belle or Beau of the Ball with our Weddings and Events Courses.

Available Courses

Events Management: Comprehensive Course

This course will give you a comprehensive set of skills that you will use in your job one day. You will learn everything from Events Management to First aid.

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Events Management: Certificate Course

This is our second course in the field of Events Management. This will add on to the short course. This course adds on subjects like Customer Satisfaction.

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Events Management: Short Course

Become an events planner in just 4 short months. With this Events Management: Short Course Certificate you can do just that.

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Life is all about creating and experiencing. And you will have the luxury to do both with a career in this industry. But remember, all that glitter isn’t gold. That’s why  our Weddings and Events Courses will prepare you for the tough yet exciting journey ahead. The wedding and events industry is stressful yet highly rewarding. 

Why you Should Study Weddings and Events Courses

A chance to put your ideas to work and let your imagination run free – why say no to that? Weddings and Events Courses will give you the opportunity to enter a career where you can express yourself creatively. Aside from that, you will also put your people and negotiation skills to good use. 

Help Create Everlasting Memories

The best part of studying Weddings and Events Courses is that you will be part of creating someone’s special day. You will help bring their vision to life. This is an important day for them and your services will be cherished forever. Sit down with them, and discuss all the details to help plan a memorable event. 

You can Study From Home 

This course doesn’t require you to attend classes. Ever. You can simply study from the comfort of your own home and work through your assignments and study for tests. This will give you more time to focus on your career and your studies. Studying from home will also teach you independence and self control. 

Become Your Own Boss

Depending on which level of study you wish to finish, our Weddings and Events Courses will prepare you for a career as an entrepreneur. Not only that, but there are no scheduled classes for any of our courses. Which gives you time to start building your empire. 

Weddings and Events Courses to help you plan unforgettable

What you Will Learn From Weddings and Events Courses

There is a lot to learn from Weddings and Events Courses. Luckily for our students, our courses cover subjects that will equip them with skills to perform their daily duties. Once completed, they will be able to:

  • Manage a team/ personnel
  • Set up an event budget
  • Negotiate with suppliers
  • Work out the logistics of each step
  • Performing proper risk management

Our Wedding and Event Courses

At Skills Academy, we offer Wedding Planner and Events Management Course via distance learning. There are no scheduled classes for any of our courses. Independent learning is encouraged. Each of these courses are skills based, and aims to teach our students industry specific skills. 

Wedding Planning Courses

This course has three levels and allows students to continue their education after each. Once a student has completed all three, they will have expert knowledge regarding the topic. 

Event Management Courses

There are three levels for this course. Students can decide whether they want to learn the basics or get more advanced level knowledge. 

Entry Requirements

Our Weddings and Events Courses are Open Access. That means that everyone can enrol to study with us. No matter what their educational background is. So even if you never went to or finished school, you can get the college or tertiary education experience. All that’s required from you is that you can read, write and understand English. 

Are Weddings and Event Courses Right for me?

Just like with a lot of other courses, Weddings and Events Courses aren’t for everyone. Students need to be truly determined and creative to excel in these courses and the industry. A lot more than choosing flowers and deciding on a colour scheme goes into it.  Students who relate to the following will be perfect for these courses:

  • I enjoy working and studying on my own.
  • Solving problems in a creative manner is one of my strengths.
  • I know what my career prospects are.
  • The possibility of starting my own business excites me.
  • This is truly what I am interested in.

Skills you need for Wedding and Events Planning

A lot goes into planning unforgettable events that meet the client’s expectations. Do you think you have what it takes to get the job done? To be great at planning weddings and events you will need to have certain skills to enjoy this career. 

Organisational Skills

In the wedding and event planning industry, things can get messy and disorganised really quickly. To be good at your job, you need to be organised and possess excellent organisational skills. You will need to keep records and receipts for all the events you plan. Time management and juggling tasks are also among the things you need to be good at to do your job. 


Clients will rely on you to make their vision come to life. This is the one thing that could set you apart from the other event and wedding planners in the industry. You want clients to remember you for your creativity, become returning clients or recommend you to others. 


Personalities will clash. You will deal with picky, indecisive, hard-to-please clients, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve excellent service. It’s important for you to maintain professionalism throughout. 


In this business, things don’t always go according to plan. This should not be a problem for wedding and event professionals. In fact, they should be able to thrive in situations like this. Wedding and event planners should be able to solve problems in a creative manner and give clients alternatives. 

Weddings and Events Courses in South Africa

Weddings and events are extravagant affairs in South Africa. And if you are looking to get involved in this industry, you will be happy to know that Weddings and Events Courses are offered in South Africa. These courses are often offered by industry professionals in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. At Skills Academy we understand the importance of making studying accessible to all. Which is why our students can enrol for and study our courses anywhere in South Africa with the help of distance learning. 

Why do People Hire Wedding and Event Planners?

Wedding and event planners are skilled professionals that are experienced to work in stressful and demanding situations. People hire their services when they are planning memorable events. Not everyone has the skills, the resources and creativity to organise special events.  Wedding and event planners know what to do and who to call on when things go wrong. Often they work so professionally that their clients don’t even notice when things go south. 

People hire wedding and event planners because:

  • They take responsibility for it all
  • It helps them work within a budget
  • They can solve problems when they arise
  • Paperwork and communication is taken care of
  • It saves them time to focus on other things
  • They can come up with creative themes
  • You can enjoy a stress-free event

What are Your Career Options?

There are quite a few jobs in the industry you will be able to do with our Weddings and Events Courses. This is a highly rewarding career with a chance to earn a handsome salary.

  • Event Planner – They are responsible for organising professional meetings and events. These professionals are responsible for securing the location, sending invitations, arranging food and beverage, and more. 
  • Wedding Planner –  These professionals are responsible for making a couple’s dream day come to life. They listen carefully to the finer details to make sure they don’t miss anything. Wedding planners then secure the venue, arrange flowers, decor and more. 
  • Party Planner– Birthdays and other special celebrations often require the support of professionals to help plan. They help choose a theme, and organise the decorations to fit it. 
  • Events Manager – These professionals are responsible for more larger scale events such as concerts and festivals. They manage a team of professionals to help plan the perfect event.

With our courses, hardwork and experience, you will be able to dominate the Weddings and Events industry. Plan unforgettable events that will be talked about for years to come.

You Are Invited to an Event of a Lifetime

Don’t be the organiser of your own pity party. Take control of your life and plan it the way you want to. Sign up for our Weddings and Events Courses and enjoy a career that you can be proud of. 

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Last updated: July 29, 2020

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