Corporate Investigations Investigative Auditing Certificate

Have you ever wanted to be involved with police investigations but don’t want to deal with things like blood or the risks that police face? The Corporate Investigations Investigative Auditing course might be just the thing for you. This lets you investigate companies and people by looking at their finances.

Course Information:



Corporate Investigations Investigative Auditing
Programme Type Provider Programme
Award Type Skills Academy Certificate In Corporate Investigations (Investigative Auditing)
Award Issued By Skills Academy
Accredited By Not Applicable
 Course Duration18 Months
Entrance Criteria
  • Grade 12 with Maths (Mathematical Literacy is accepted) OR
  • Grade 10, and older than 18 years of age OR
  • An equivalent NQF 4 level course



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How Will My Study Material Look?

Once you have successfully enrolled with us, we will send you a package within the first 1-2 working days. In this package, you will receive a Skills Academy Welcome Pack as well as the first set of study material for the Corporate Investigations (Investigative Auditing) Course. Look at the image below to see what you can expect from us.

Child Day Care Certificate


In order to complete this programme you will need to do the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Business English – Compulsory for distance learning students (Not credit-bearing)
  • Incident scenes – Unit standard based – can be upgraded
  • Empowerment – Unit standard based – can be upgraded
  • Identification – Unit standard based – can be upgraded
  • Criminal procedure – Unit standard based – can be upgraded
  • Corporate Investigations Investigative Auditing – Unit standard based – can be upgraded
  • Investigative Sciences Introduction – Bridging subject, compulsory for distance learning students (Not credit-bearing)
  • Forensic Science Introduction – Bridging subject, compulsory for distance learning students (Not credit-bearing)
  • Mathematics and Statistics Introduction – Bridging subject, compulsory for distance learning students (Not credit-bearing)


Skills Academy will require you to complete the recommended assignments. The assignments are designed to help you through your learning to make sure that you completely understand all the topics covered and that you can apply this to your working environment. There are absolutely no exams for this course.


This course is a Provider Programme. It is not Accredited.
Provider Programmes are quality assured and certified by the provider, that means by Skills Academy. They are not registered on the NQF, do not carry any national credits; and do not lead to a National Qualification.
Provider Programmes exist to help develop your skills. They are usually short courses, and professional career development courses. If you need to learn skills that you can apply in your work fast, then often a provider programme or short course is the fastest way to get there.

Find out more about how to upgrade your course here: Upgrade Your Course.
After completing the Skills Academy course, there is a registration process and an assessment process with OLM. Note that the credits you can earn do not add up to a full qualification. After successful completion of the OLM component, SASSETA will verify the result before any statement of results will be issued by them. You can find a handy infographic explaining the process to you step by step here.

If you upgrade your subjects to fully accredited unit standards, then you can get a Statement of Results like this from SASSETA.

To view the unit standards and their expiry dates go here:



You will be awarded a Skills Academy Course Certificate in Corporate Investigations (Investigative Auditing).

As Skills Academy values education and cares about our students, your completion award will be

sent to you via courier so that you receive it as soon as possible and without any delays.

Certificate Example

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Last Updated: January 23, 2020

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