Forensic Science Careers

Do you think you have what it takes to make it in this specific career field? Read further to find out how you can get started and succeed in this career.

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Fraud Investigator

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Forensic Scientists

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Private Security Guard

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Forensic Science Careers 

Interested in forensic science careers? This can be a challenging, yet fulfilling career path. Think you have what it takes to make it in this career field? Read further to find out how you can get started. 

What is Forensic Science all About? 

The field of forensic science combines biology, physics and chemistry. These sciences are used to find and evaluate physical evidence taken from a crime scene. This may prove whether a crime has taken place, who the perpetrator is and the connection between the two. This is done by the: 

  • Examination of physical evidence 
  • Management of tests
  • Analysis of data
  • Clear and exact reporting 
  • Truthful testimony by a forensic expert in court  

Benefits of Forensic Science Careers 

Wondering what benefits a career in forensic science has to offer? Take a look at some of the reasons listed below: 

Earning Potential 

Depending on your job title and where you work, forensic experts typically earn a good salary. On average, this can range from between R15 000 – R50 000 per month based on your experience. 

Variety of Roles 

The field of forensics offers a wide range of job opportunities. This allows you to pick a career path that best fits your interests and abilities. 

Choose Your Work Environment

Whether you enjoy working away from an office, or prefer being in a lab. You decide what schedule and setting works best for you. 

Personal Fulfilment  

Your expert knowledge and skills can help solve a crime. It can be very satisfying when the work you do results in a positive outcome.

Forensic Scientist working in a lab

What Forensic Science Careers are There? 

From firearms to blood pattern analysis, forensic science offers many career paths for those who are interested. Below are a few popular jobs. 

Fraud investigator: A fraud investigator investigates claims of fraudulent activity. This includes money issues, legal claims and forgeries.  

Crime scene investigator: As a crime scene investigator, most of your time is spent at crime scenes to collect evidence. 

Forensic scientist: A forensic scientist collects, analyses and documents the physical evidence of a crime scene. 

Private security guard: Private security guards are hired by a person or company to protect people or properties from criminal activities. 

Criminalist: A criminalist uses different methods to figure out how a certain crime took place. Modern technology now allows this to be done using 3D imaging. 

Skills Needed for Forensic Science Careers 

To be successful in this career field, the following range of skills is important to have: 

  • Excellent written and verbal communication 
  • Logical thinking 
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure 
  • Objectivity and sensitivity when dealing with confidential information 
  • Concentration and patience 
  • Confidence in your own judgment 

How do I get Into a Career in Forensic Science? 

A career in forensics requires years of studying and training. But if you are interested in science and the law, it can be very rewarding. Before you jump into the field, there are some important things you need to do. 

Do Your Research 

Learn about the different jobs within the forensics field. Some lean toward social sciences, while others involve biology and chemistry. Decide whether you want to be out and about, or confined to an office or lab. 

Get Educated 

Once you decide what career path you want to follow, you need to learn the skills and knowledge.This is done by taking courses. Skills Academy offers the following forensics courses: 

It’s important to note that these courses offer you basic skills and knowledge. If you wish to pursue a career in forensic science, an additional diploma or degree is needed. 

Do an Internship 

Internships are a good way to gain work experience before you begin your job hunt. It also gives you the chance to figure out if the field is for you. Use it as a networking opportunity and you might just land a job in the process. 

Apply for jobs 

Once you are qualified and have some work experience, you can start applying for jobs. There are many entry-level jobs available in this field. Get your foot in the door and work yourself up to where you want to be. 

Where can I work? 

Forensic experts can find work in the following places: 

  • National Department of Health
  • South African Police Services
  • Private labs 
  • Government labs and offices 

Kick off Your Forensics Career With a Bang! 

Sign up with us by using one of the following: 

  • Fill in a registration form and we will get back to you shortly.
  • Call us for free on 0800 39 00 27
  • Chat to us on Whatsapp at 082 318 8892

Author: Thiana Pretorius 

Last Updated: August 21, 2020

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