You don’t pay when you can’t study

Busy month at work? Baby just arrived? Need a break? Don’t pay when you can’t study. Let us know two weeks before you need the break, and we pause your studies and your payments.

Study Break – Payment Break

Busy month at work? Baby just arrived? Need a break? Don’t pay when you can’t study. Let us know two weeks before you need the break, and we pause your studies and your payments.

How to Take a Study @ Pay Break

Save this for emergencies. Research has shown that if you take a break, it might be difficult to start again. We do everything to keep you studying. When you apply for a study break, we will discuss it with you and try to help you find ways to keep studying. Together we will agree the date on which you will start again.

You can take a break for up to two months during your studies. To look after the people you care for, you also need to take care of yourself.

Just remember the following:

1. A student cannot take a break within the first three months after registration.2. Student Account has to be up to date with payments before a break can be taken.3. Student cannot take a break for longer than two months.

Finish Your Studies Early – Don’t pay when you can’t study

If you finish your course early, you can stop payments early.  This means that if you sign up for a 12-month course, but you finish it in 10 months’ time, then you don’t have to pay for the last two months. We give you that little push to keep studying so that you can finish fast – we believe in you.

Stop Paying When you Are Finished with your Course

What is Your responsibility?

Study. If you don’t know how, ask us. And we shall teach you how. Use your lecturers. Use your online study group. This is how you will pass quickly. Treat your lecturers and fellows students with respect – and expect them to also treat you with respect.

If you are not serious about studying and passing, then don’t register. Wait till you are ready.

You are making an important commitment to yourself and to the college. If you miss a monthly payment, then the college can and will act. You can get expelled for missing a payment.

If you know you are going to struggle to make a payment, tell us immediately. And we shall make a plan to help you. Yes, times are tough, so we must all help each other improve our lives and our country.

How we help you to finish early

We make sure you finish your course. We never give up.  We are great at helping you finish as fast as you can. When you finish early, you pay less.

Your first study materials are available immediately via email

You will receive your Orientation Guide via email within one hour of your enrollment. So you can start working on your first assignment immediately.

In the Orientation Guide we explain to you how distance learning works with Skills Academy. We tell you what is expected from you as our student. And we teach you how to study as a distance learning student. We show you how to set goals, how to manage your time and how to plan a proper study session.

We also teach you how to apply for a job. Most of our students are studying to get a job, or to get a better job. The moment your are registered for your distance learning studies, you have improved your CV. We help you write a great CV, teach you how to network, show you the best approach for a covering letter, and give you the right advice on how to get a proper job and build your career.

If you are already a successful student, then this section will be very basic for you – and you will complete it in an afternoon. If, like most of our students, you have not studied for a while, then this will teach you the basics that you MUST understand to be able to get the most out of your course and out of your tutors.

In South Africa 99% of the population does not have English as a first language. This is why all university students now have to do English Communication, as well as Basic Computer Literacy at the start of their first year.

For most of us English is our second or even our third language. At the start of your studies we check what your level of English is, so that we can make sure we help you where you need help.

All our students start with our Introduction to Business English. In this module we evaluate at what level your English abilities are. You need to understand English to do your studies successfully. We look at your assignments in this module to determine how much help you will need with English. If we see that you need more help, then we can make sure you get that extra help right from the start of your course.

Students who are good at basic English will do their assignments in one weekend and move on to the rest of their course the next week. We always courier, so you will never get delayed.

We also send your Orientation Guide and Introduction to Business English to you via courier. So if you cannot access it via email, you will have it printed in your hands within a week.

Last Updated: 21 June 2022



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