Xhuma App: Choosing the Right Career

Need help choosing the right career? Use the Xhuma App! It is a proudly South African app that assists with career guidance, job opportunities and bursary applications that can be done on Whatsapp.

What do you want to do with your life? Think about if for a minute and then think some more. If this is a question you’re currently battling with the Xhuma app might help with choosing the right career for you. Never heard of it? Get all the details below. 

Xhuma App: What is it?

The Xhuma App is an app designed right here on home ground. Yes, it is proudly South African. The app, which means to connect, has been created to help students with the next step in their life. 

This can be anything from taking an aptitude test right to searching for jobs. While you’re patiently waiting for your matric results you can ease your stress about the unknown by having a little browse on Xhuma. 

How can I Access it?

The Xhuma app is pretty easy to find and to use. If you know your way around a phone or computer, then it should be simple. Access the app via the following methods: 

  • Download Xhuma on playstore 
  • Visit their website 
  • Whatsapp 

Pretty easy, right? 

A student taking the career guidance test on the Xhuma App.

Services Available

You’ll be able to access career guidance, apply for bursaries and search for jobs. It really is a one stop shop for students who are struggling with finding direction. 

Career Guidance

Once you download and register for the app you will receive two links. One for a list of bursaries and another to a career assessment. The career assessment does have costs attached to it. So unfortunately, it is not free. 

Learners will have to pay between R599 and R999 to get their results. Sound a little steep? Don’t worry! There are tons of free career tests you can take online. They may not be as accurate, but they will help you identify key areas like: 

  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your Interests 
  • Your ideal job 

Bursary Applications

Once you have taken your career assessment, Xhuma will identify bursary options that suit this field of study. You can apply for up to 40 bursaries on whatsapp for free! Have a look at some Bursaries in South Africa that are still valid for 2021. There may be a few that catch your eye. 


Indeed, Careers 24 and Linkedin are all great job search engines. Now add the Xhuma app to your list. You can search for jobs while creating your CV all on whatsapp. This cuts out a lot of time and gives you a chance to focus on other things. Like enrolling for one our distance learning courses perhaps? 

If you need a little extra help on sprucing up your CV, have a look at the resources listed below: 

Connect to Your Future! 

Still feeling unsure about what’s next? We have skilled course consultants that are willing to help. Reach out to us on the following: 

  •  Call us for free on 0800 39 00 27
  • Or  fill out this contact form for a call back
Last Updated: 2 December 2021