Will Free Online Courses Help You Get a Job?

Wondering if free online courses will take you up the corporate ladder, look no further. Find out will free online courses will help you get a job right here.

Free online courses are all over the internet. Whether it’s an ad on social media or pops up on your searches. As tempting as it may be, will free online courses help you get a job? Before you commit, learn more about these free courses below and if you should study one of them. 

Will Free Online Courses Help You Get a Job?

No matter what the ads say, studying a free online course does not guarantee a job. Recruiters check your experience and qualifications before they hire you. If you didn’t get your qualification from a trusted site or recognised college, your qualification and skills will not count.

Reasons why Free Online Courses Should not be Your Only Option

If you’re depending on your free course to start your career, you’re in for a long wait. There are many reasons why a free online course should not be your only choice. Some of these reasons are listed below.

  • Are They Really Free? – Although the course is listed as free, there may be hidden costs. This includes a sign up fee, or paying to get your qualifications when you’re done.
  • Their Credibility – A lot of colleges who offer free courses aren’t recognised institutions or reputable. So your qualification won’t hold any value. 
  • Passed on by Recruiters – Employers want to hire the best possible candidates. And your qualification is an indication of your skills. But when it’s a free online course, it is easily passed on by recruiters.

  • It Won’t be Your Ticket to Higher Education – If you want to study further, you won’t be able to use your free online course qualification as credits to study further.
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Benefits of Free Online Courses

Even though it shouldn’t be your only option, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study it. There are advantages to studying a free online course. Just make sure it’s from a trusted site and get started. Take a look at some of the benefits below.

Up Your Skills

Want to gain new skills and knowledge? Then a free online course might help with that. Google offers free courses like digital marketing that awards you a certificate once completed.

Use Your Time Wisely

Instead of lazing away watching funny videos online, try your hand at a free online course. You’ll use your time wisely and show recruiters that you choose to learn new skills and stay productive.

Add it to Your Cover Letter

The hours spent studying a free online course doesn’t have to go to waste. You can still add it to your cover letter and CV. Be sure to list it as a free online course. 

No Matric? No Problem

Getting a job without matric and experience is difficult. So adding a free online course to your CV will be a great help. But this is just a start. Fill the gap once you start studying and working.

Woman sitting at a table writing notes. Find out will free online courses will help you get a job.

So What are my Options?

So you want to study a course at a recognised college from home? Is that even possible? Well when you study with us, it definitely is. Our courses may not be free. But there are many reasons why distance learning is an affordable study option

Benefits of studying with us includes:

  • Our study fast pay less policy
  • No credit checks
  • Money back within 30 Days after registering if you are unhappy with our services

And so much more!

We also have a wide range of courses you can study online. Some of these include:

Affordable Education Towards Your Successful Future

Studying a free course may seem like a sweet deal, but our distance learning courses are the cream of the crop. Study with us and start your journey to higher education right here. Simply contact our course experts for more information. You can:

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27
  • Fill in our contact form for a call back
Last Updated: May 3, 2021


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