Why Grade 11 is Important

Think matric is the hardest grade to pass? Believe it or not, grade 11 is actually a lot harder. Find out Why Grade 11 is Important and how it can impact your future right here!

Wondering Why Grade 11 is Important? It’s arguably the hardest year of your high school career. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to not take it seriously. Learn all about what makes your grade 11 year so essential to your future. 

Grade 11 – What can I Expect? 

If you are a grade 10 or 11 student, there are certain things you need to prepare for before entering your matric year. This includes some of the points listed below. 

  • A lot more content to cover, including matric work
  • Possible leadership opportunities, such as being a prefect 
  • Putting thought into tertiary education 
  • Dealing with the stressors of being almost 18
  • Trying to balance academics and social life 

Reasons Why Grade 11 is Important

You must have heard your teachers stress the importance of grade 11 before. Don’t ignore the warning. They are telling you the truth. Here are the main reasons why Grade 11 is considered to be so Important. 

Prepares you for Matric 

In grade 11, the exams and assignments are modelled after matric ones. So, by applying yourself in grade 11, you’re getting a feel for how your matric year will be. Putting effort into your studies this year will help make your matric a little easier to handle. 

University Applications 

Did you know you don’t have to wait for your matric results to apply for university? You can also use your grade 11 results. This increases your chances of getting accepted, as provisional acceptance is awarded based on your grade 11 results. 

Bursary Applications 

Tertiary education can be quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it. There are companies that offer bursaries and they don’t look at your grade 12 results. They consider your grade 11 marks instead. If you do well academically, you have a greater chance of getting a bursary

Evaluate Your Post-Matric Options 

Your grade 11 marks and overall performance during this year can help you make better decisions. You have more options to consider when it comes to what direction you would like to take after high school. This includes where and what you want to study. 

Chance to Implement a Study Plan

Keeping track of how long you take to complete your school work can help you create a solid study plan. This in turn can help you manage your time well during your matric year. This is especially important when it comes to your final exams. 

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How can I Ace my Grade 11 Year? 

Now that you know Why Grade 11 is Important, you need to come up with a game plan to achieve success. Use these tips and techniques to help guide you.

  • Do Daily Revision – This may seem like an obvious point, but it’s so important. Constant revision helps you prepare a lot better than cramming the night before an exam. Go through what you learnt for the day after school.
  • Plan Your Year – Know exactly when your tests, exams and assignments will happen. Get yourself a wall calendar and plot all key dates. Start early to avoid running out of time.
  • Exercise – As important as it is to study, make time for exercise as well. It doesn’t have to be a full body workout. Do just enough to get your blood pumping so your brain cells can work properly.
  • Study Effectively – It’s no use studying for hours on end with no breaks. Plan your study sessions so they include regular breaks. This helps your brain stay focused and avoids feeling tired or unmotivated. 

Can I Study With Just Grade 11? 

There are a number of tertiary institutions that allow you to study with just a grade 11. Here at Skills Academy, you have the option of studying a skills-based course or an accredited one. So even if you don’t make it to matric, there are other options available to you. 

Skills-based Courses: 

Accredited Courses:  

No Better Time to Start Than Now! 

Whether you have your matric or just grade 11, you can study with us! Go ahead and explore our range of distance learning courses. For more information, simply contact our course experts by: 

Last Updated: 6 March 2024