Who Qualifies for Supplementary Matric Exams?

Failing your matric is not the end of the road. You could stand a chance to qualify for a second chance. Find out Who Qualifies for Supplementary Exams.

If you didn’t pass your matric exam, we understand. The pressure of completing your matric can be overwhelming, but you do have options to redeem yourself. Find out Who Qualifies for Supplementary Matric Exams, and if you made the cut right here. 

What are Supplementary Matric Exams?

Supplementary exams, also known as Second Chance Exams, gives you the chance to rewrite your matric. They are usually more difficult, so you really have to work hard and study, to prove that you have what it takes to pass. You are also required to rewrite the subjects you wrote during the exam.

Who Qualifies for Supplementary Matric Exams?

Not everyone qualifies to rewrite the exam. The Department of Basic Education has set up certain requirements which need to be met to claim your spot. Wondering if you qualify for a supplementary exam? You qualify if you:

  • Wrote your matric exam the previous year, and failed two or more subjects.
  • Passed matric, but still need extra credits to meet the requirements for the course you applied for after matric.
  • Have a valid reason for being absent for a test paper.
  • Had a death in your immediate family and couldn’t write at test paper
  • Have an irregularity being investigated, you will be enrolled into the supplementary exam. Although it all depends on the outcome of the investigation.

Once you meet the requirements, you can register for a supplementary exam. Keep in mind: you need to do it before the application closing date.

Student sitting at a desk, reading through her notes for her Second Chance Exam. Want to know Who Qualifies for a Supplementary Exam. Find out right here.

I Don’t Qualify for a Supplementary Exam – What Now?

So you looked at the requirements and realised you don’t qualify to rewrite your exam. Don’t feel discouraged! Your options do not end there. Check out what you can do to get your matric. 

  • If you are still younger than 21, you can enrol at a high school and do redo your NSC.
  • You can enrol at an FET college and complete your National Certificate – Vocational.

Get Your Matric Via Distance Learning

Supplementary exams may give you a second chance to get your matric. But we offer you an opportunity to pass and receive your certificate via distance learning. We offer two amazing matric programmes that will help you pass your matric with flying colors. They are:

Matric Upgrade – Passed but need extra credits? Enrol for our Matric Upgrade programme. Here you can rewrite your matric and get the marks you deserve to further your studies.

Adult Matric – Never had the chance to write matric? Adult Matric is the right option for you. Get the opportunity to study matric from the comfort of your home, and achieve your study goals.

Make the Most of the Options Available to You

If you didn’t pass your matric, make use of these options available to you. Get your matric and you’ll be one step closer to your study goals. And whether you have matric or not, you always have a place with us. Contact us today for more details on our amazing courses. You can:

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022