Where to get Your Textbooks

Would you like to know where to get your textbooks? We have a few tips for you. Explore the top five options you have with our help. Get your textbooks without breaking the bank.

Textbooks are an essential part of your studies. We would like you to help you know where to get your textbooks. Take a look at what your options are right here. Enjoy your studies stress free.

Can I get Free Textbooks?

Getting free textbooks isn’t common unless they are given to you by a friend. There are however other options you have. Below are two great resources available to you. They will also help you save money.  

Sign up With a College  

Skills Academy is one of few colleges that sends you all your study materials when you register with us. That’s right. You don’t have to go out and buy textbooks. We have them couriered to you once you start your course

Renting Textbooks

You can now rent textbooks. You will be able to get the books you need without paying full price for it. With this method you make small monthly payments to your provider and return the textbooks at the end of the agreed upon period. 

Where to buy Textbooks 

If you prefer having your own books, you could get them with any one of these options. Remember that college textbooks can be hard to find so you might have to explore each of these: 

  1. Online 
  2. On Campus 
  3. Book Stores 
  4. Library 


The internet has become an essential part to getting our day-to-day essentials. This includes your textbooks. It is important to remember that you will be charged delivery fee when purchasing books online. 

A stack of textbooks. Explore the options you have on where to get your textbooks.

On Campus 

Your college or university might have the textbooks you need. Great thing about this is, your books might be sold to you at a discount and you won’t have to travel too far. 

Book Stores 

Private bookstores have a variety of books available. You can go to bookstores such as Bargain Book and see if they have any of the books you need. Prices will vary depending on where you purchase these so shopping around is essential.  


The library is the oldest and most trusted way of getting books. You can check with your local library if they have the textbooks you need. This is also a good way of saving money because you don’t pay for the books. 

Where to get Second Hand Textbooks

Having brand new study materials shouldn’t be your main concern, having books is the priority. Second hand textbooks are a great way to save money and get the books you need to study. Here are ways you can get second hand books:

  • Fellow Students 
  • Book stores
  • Online Stores 

Don’t Break the Bank to get Your Textbooks

Being a student means that you have a tight budget. So don’t break the bank, consider enrolling for one of our courses and have your textbooks included in your course fees. Simply contact one of our course experts today. 

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Last Updated: 27 January 2021