Where Can I Study?

Having the make the big decision on where you are going to study? With these tips and tricks your choice will be easier.

Where can I Study?

“Where Can I Study?” has got to be one of the most important questions to ask when starting your academic journey. From the location of the college, the costs involved and the courses that are available – there are so many things to consider!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Place to Study

 When making the decision on where you are going to study there are important things to consider. This is your choice and should not be made by friends or family. “Where can I study” is a question only you can answer. Here are some things to consider when making your choice. 

  1. Rankings and Reviews: The easiest way to know if the institution you are thinking of attending is any good is to research their rankings and reviews. You will usually find these on their website and will be able to get a feel whether or not it will be the right fit for you. 
  1. Academic Support: Some students need additional academic support services. Students needing such assistance should look into whether the schools they’re thinking about offer these services. Skills Academy offers online platforms for learning with Together We Pass.  
  1. Costs: Studying further can be pricey. This is why you need to consider all the financial implications including travelling, textbooks and any other additional costs. The great thing about Skills Academy is that you only need to worry about your course fees. 
  1.  Accreditation: . Accreditation is a process that institutions of higher education go through to ensure that they meet certain quality standards. Depending what career path you are thinking of going into this may be of importance to you. Skills Academy offers a variety of accredited and non-accredited courses, depending on your needs
  1. Success Rates: Generally, “success” is defined as graduating within a certain period of time. Researching this should be easy and can usually be found online. 

These tips will help in finding a credible place to study. You must also consider your own personal needs and what will work for your life. If you are a student who is working or has a demanding life then attending a traditional university or college might not work for you. 

How do I Decide What to Study?

The secret to studying further is to pursue something you are really interested in. But with so many career paths available, how do you settle on a choice?

  1. Go to open days at colleges
  2. Look at job searching websites, like Indeed, and identity what jobs are in demand
  3. Pick something you know you love, that way you will feel motivated to succeed
  4. Look at work experience options, like internships, to gain some real-life experience
  5. Do research. Don’t just believe the stories from your friends and family. Your experience of a course could be completely different.
  6. Finally – trust your instinct! Your studies won’t be a group project. Choose something that feels right for you.  

A woman walking up stairs visiting colleges to answer the question, "Where Can I Study".

Is it Possible to Study From Home?

More and more students are finding the value in studying from home. The costs are less and you get to study in a space that is comfortable. So can you study from home? Of course you can! In fact, we consider ourselves the experts when it comes to home studies. With us,

  • You never have to attend class – as in never!
  • Your study material is courier to you at no additional cost
  • Get support online 
  • World class courses with expert tutors
  • Open access- giving everyone the opportunity to study further. 

Kick classrooms to the curb and study from home with us. 

Study Options

First, to make things easier on yourself you need to settle on what type of institution you want to attend. When making this decision you need to carefully think how it will affect your career path and future. Different institutions will satisfy different needs, and choosing a place to study is not a one size fits all decision. 


Most people think of Universities when deciding where to study after matric. Universities, unlike colleges, are focused not only on education, but also research. Universities tend to have large departments dedicated to specific professional studies. Students who want a broad-based education as well as career-specific training may prefer a university.

The truth is not many students are able to afford universities or to meet the entry requirements. There are many other options available to study that in no means are less important or less valuable. 

Trade School

If you want to advance your skills and education but are unsure if a traditional learning is for you, you may want to consider a trade school. Attending a trade school can be an excellent option for those who want to get the necessary training to secure a good job quickly.Trade Schools emphasises skills and knowledge required for a particular job or function. The focus is on day-to-day activities involved with a specific trade, craft or profession.  

Art and Design Schools

An Art and Design School specifically focuses on visual arts like illustrations, paintings, photography, sculpture and graphic design. Along with developing and honing your artistic abilities, some art schools will teach you the basics of how to run a small business, including how to make a budget and market your work. 

If you are thinking of going into this direction but simply cannot afford the course fees and additional cost attached to art and design schools why not try our courses in interior decorating design and photography?

Distance Learning Colleges 

Many courses, certificates and diplomas offered at physical colleges can be obtained online. Distance learning is often cheaper than attending a physical college and the programmes offer more flexible schedules. To give distance learning a go you will have to be motivated, committed and organized. While some students work better in an environment with other learning students and with face-to-face contact with professors, others can succeed without them. 

Skills Academy is a recognised distance learning college and offers a wide range of courses. We have amazing online platforms for you to engage with other students and lecturers. 

Make the Right Choice. Choose a College That Cares. 

Choose a college that wants to see you succeed. Our students are our priority and we won’t let you go on this adventure alone. Contact us today. 

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Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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