What to do When you End up on a College Waiting List

Gear up with all your facts on What to do When you end up on a College Waiting List. We have all the tips for you. Better yet, we have alternative options for you.

Do you know What to do When you End up on a College Waiting List? It’s always best to know what to do in these types of situations even if it doesn’t happen to you. With our help you can have some of the best tips in your back pocket. 

Is a Waitlist a Rejection?

Just because you’ve been waitlisted doesn’t mean you’ve been rejected. Your hard work, dedication and studying won’t go to waste. Being waitlisted isn’t your fault or a negative reflection on your part. Don’t let this one moment define you or your abilities as a student. 

What Happens When you are Waitlisted at a College

Other than interviews and application reviews, there’s not much that happens when you are waitlisted. Now this might get your anxiety going but try to remain calm. After all, no news is good news. Instead use your energy to work on your back-up plan. 

Reasons why you could have been put on a waiting list: 

System overload: All applications are done electronically, so it’s possible that there could be a system overload causing your application to be waitlisted.

Late Application: First come first serve. Those who apply first get first priority. If you miss the date, your application can be placed on hold for a bit. 

Not enough space: Popular colleges get loads of applications. So you might have to wait till there is enough space for you. 

A student sitting in front of his laptop waiting to hear from his college. Find out what to do if you End up on a College Waiting List.

How to you get off a College Waitlist

Being waitlisted can really dampen your spirits. But remember it isn’t the end of your journey. Instead try and be proactive by staying in control of your future. You can still take the bull by the horns. 

Think It Over
Application forms can be complicated and tricky. You might have missed a question. Try going back and check if you’ve filled everything in correctly.

Enrol at Your Second-Choice
Always keep your options open. Having a second choice and even a third is always a good plan. So if you aren’t accepted at your first choice you won’t have to stress as much.

Keep Up Your Grades
Would you like to know a secret? The best way to impress colleges is to keep up your grades. Better yet improve them. This shows that you are a dedicated student. 

What to ask When Being Waitlisted 

Asking questions leads to answers which leads to better understanding. So you should ask as many as you can. Having a better understanding in this situation can help put your mind at ease. Have a look at some of our questions and use them to your advantage. 

  • How many students are on your waitlist?
  • Do you rank your waitlist? 
  • What is the likelihood of being admitted from the waitlist?
  • Is there anything I can do to improve my chances of being admitted?

When Will Waitlisted Students be Notified?

Knowing when waitlisted results will be released, depends on the institution. Every institution works differently so you would have to get in contact with them. Administration offices can be quite busy during admission season, therefore it would be best to email.

Waitlist Mistakes to Avoid

Your admission is extremely important. But even with that in mind, you have to remember that admissions offices are extremely busy. So don’t go in without making an appointment, your dedication might come off as badgering. Which is not what you want. Remember no random walk-ins and try not to call a thousand times. 

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Open Entry Colleges 

Can’t stand the anxiety that comes with being on a waiting list? Enrol in an open entry college. You can still get a quality education without waiting to be accepted. Open entry colleges allow everyone an equal opportunity to get an education, just like we do here at Skills Academy. 

Courses Available 

Now you might not be attending a big university but you still have loads of course options available to you. Don’t have matric? No problem, you can still register with us. Take a look at just a few of the course available to you: 

Is Distance Learning a Safe Option? 

Distance learning is definitely a safe option. You can enjoy your course without any stress because we are an accredited institution. This means that whatever qualification you receive from us is legit and recognised. We also have a variety of benefits that you can enjoy as one of our students. 

Don’t get Placed on Hold, try Distance Learning 

With us you never get placed on a waiting list. Contact one of our expert course advisors and start your course today. 

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Last Updated: 3 September 2021