What to do if you are Rejected by Universities

What to do if you are Rejected by Universities? We have the answers for you. Your life doesn’t have to go on hold, there are other opportunities for you.

Would you like to know what to do if you are rejected by universities? We have steps you can take. Don’t worry. Getting rejected doesn’t put your life on pause. You can still become successful. 

Dealing With Your Feelings 

Applying to your dream university and receiving a rejection letter can turn your world upside down. It can make you feel disappointed, stressed and as though your dreams are shattered. But there are healthy ways to deal with it. 

Allow Yourself to Feel 
You don’t have to suppress your feelings. being rejected is hard. Take a few days to allow yourself to feel bad or upset. But don’t get stuck in those feelings. 

Don’t Take it Personally
Universities have many requirements to check when considering applications. Being rejected isn’t necessarily a reflection of you. So you shouldn’t take it personally. 

Reach out to Your Support System 
There’s no need to feel alone during this time. Reach out to the people that love and support you like friends and family. They can help you feel better. 

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Make a Plan B – What is the Next Step?

You may have been rejected, but you can make a plan B. In fact there are endless possibilities. So you shouldn’t sell yourself short or think that it’s the end of your world because it’s not. 

  1. Look at Other Universities 
  2. Attend a local College 
  3. Take a Gap Year 
  4. Apply Next Year

Look at Other Universities 

You may not have been accepted at your first choice university but there are other options. Look at other universities that are still taking applications. You might find that you like your second choice better than your first.

Attend a local College 

Local colleges also offer quality education just like universities. So keep your options open. Ensure that your college is accredited and that the course you take is accredited. You can do this by checking with the Department of Higher Education

Take a Gap Year 

You can always take a gap year. This simply means that you can do whatever you want for the year. This includes working, travelling and volunteering. Your possibilities are endless. You could even do a short course to gain a few skills. 

Apply Next Year

Just because you didn’t get in this year doesn’t mean you can’t get in next year. That’s right, you can always apply the following year. This gives you time to rewrite an exam if you have to and perhaps gain new skills. 

Don’t Take no for an Answer – Aim for Success

We don’t believe in giving up, so why should you? Let us help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to be successful. Contact one of our course experts and get the ball rolling.

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Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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