What to Avoid When Studying

Steer clear of making common mistakes when you study for your tests. Find out What to Avoid When Studying right here. Earn top marks in your next exam.

Passing your exam and studying is a match made in heaven. You may think, once you’ve got studying down, there is no way you could fail. But what if we told you that even if you study, you can still get poor marks when you make common studying mistakes? Don’t want to fail your test? Learn more on What to Avoid When Studying with our tips to pass your next exam.

Student with a stack of textbooks in front of him. Cramming before an exam is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Learn What to Avoid When Studying right here.

Common Studying Mistakes

Many students think that studying is straightforward, and that understanding the work is all there is to it. But it’s much more than that. Understanding the work is only half the battle. External factors also play a part too. Common studying mistakes includes:

Trying to Study in a Place Full of Distractions

You may think distractions only refers to people. But it can be anything from a crowded place, to studying in front of the TV. These distractions make it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

  • Solution – Determine what distracts you. If it’s a room full of people or your TV, find a quiet space. If there’s too much movement during the day, try studying at night.

Social Instead of Studying

Social media is one of the biggest distractions when studying. All it takes is one notification, and you could waste hours replying to texts, or watching videos online.

  • Solution – Keep your phone out of reach or charge it to stop yourself from using your phone. Also, close all social media tabs if you’re studying on your laptop.  

Binge Studying

Did you know, our attention span only lasts up to 30 minutes at a time? You may think hours of studying is the only way to pass. But after a while, you’ll lose focus and forget what you studied.

  • Solution – Study a section, then take a break or a nap. It will help you retain the information better. Short study sessions also keep studying interesting.

Saying No to Note-taking

“I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it”. Chances are, you won’t remember what you heard in class. It could be the one piece of information you need to pass your exam.

  • Solution – Make your notes short and sweet, and easy to understand. Use your own examples to keep it interesting and be sure to have them all organised.
Student sitting in comfortable chair while studying on his laptop. This is a great way to avoid studying while laying in bed. Learn What t Avoid When Studying and ace your next exams.

Avoid Studying While in Bed

Studying in a comfortable place is great, but you should avoid being too comfortable and studying in bed. You will end up slouching or laying down. You also run the risk of falling asleep.

  • Solution – Try sitting in a comfortable chair, couch or at your desk. You will be alert and ready to hit your books.

Skipping out on Some Zzzz

Sleep is very important for your concentration, retention, and overall well being. Missing out on sleep could stop you from focusing. Lack of sleep also has a negative impact on your brain.

  • Solution – Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Taking power naps in between studying is also a great way to keep you energised throughout the day.

Cramming the Night Before an Exam

This is considered the number 1 mistake most students have made, at least once while studying. You may not be able to study all topics if you leave everything to the last minute.

  • Solution – Studying weeks in advance is one of the best study tips. This allows you to cover all topics at your own pace. Use the day before your exam to revise. 

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Study timetables are a great way to plan when you’ll be studying. Without it, you won’t know which topics to focus on first, or which subjects need the most attention.

  • SolutionCreate a study timetable for the best results. Set out extra time for subjects you are struggling with. Also, include off days so you can rest and not burn yourself out.


Procrastination is all about delaying your study time. If you keep postponing your studying, you could end up cramming the night before an exam.

  • Solution – Try rewarding yourself whenever you finish a section or chapter. It gives you something to look forward to after you study, making you eager to dive into your books.

Don’t Study Hard, Study Smart!

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Last Updated: 16 November 2020