What Subjects are Needed to Study Legal Secretary?

Wondering what subjects are needed to study legal secretary courses? Here you can find out more about the entry requirements

What are the Requirements to Study Legal Secretary?

Interested in becoming a legal secretary? If you’re wondering ‘What Subjects are Needed to Study Legal Secretary’, look no further. There are no specific subjects needed to study legal secretary. Just make sure you meet the following entry requirements:

NATED Course Requirements

For all our nated courses you need a matric or equivalent certificate to enrol. Students who enrol for the Legal Secretary course should also have a basic understanding of the English language. This will help students understand their coursework and get good marks. 

Provider Programme Requirements

If you don’t have matric, you can consider these options. Provider programmes are created for students who never finished school. You don’t need a school certificate or report to apply, all you need is a basic understanding of the English language. There are no courses aimed specifically at Legal Secretary, but you may consider other Secretarial Courses.

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Benefits of Studying Legal Secretary Courses

Studying towards a Legal Secretary qualification could only benefit you. It can give your career the boost it needs and improve your overall living standard. Here’s what a Legal Secretary Course can do for you:

  • Gain knowledge on the industry you would like to work in
  • Get skills that will help you with your daily duties
  • Gain transferable skills to help you with your career
  • An opportunity to change lives and help others
  • A chance to earn a handsome salary
  • Gain a competitive edge 

What Skills do you Need to Become a Legal Secretary?

If you’re serious about this career, make sure you have the following skills to help you with your daily tasks.


You will interact with clients almost every day, and you therefore need to be an excellent communicator. That means you need to be great at communication in all its forms. Including face to face communication, as well as email and telephone. 

Technical Skills

One of the most important skills you need to have is computer literacy. The majority of the work you will do will be on a computer or laptop. Make sure you can type, access the internet, send and view emails, and work on spreadsheets. 

Organisational Skills

As a legal secretary, you will need to keep track of files. That includes paper and electronic files. Make sure you have great organisational skills to keep files safe and secure. Your organisational skills will also help you set up meetings and keep track of schedules. 

Want to Become a Legal Secretary?

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Last Updated: 9 June 2022



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